The TS7 Tonelock series.

In 1999 a new series was introduced the 7 tonelock series,these (metal again) pedals are lightweight, are all grey and have knobs that can be pushed down so they dont loose the setting they have (off course they can change when depressed but ...?) .

Since this seems more like a marketing thing (that being marketing things are succesfull not properly working solutions)to many players consider these pedals to be not as cool as the older ones.The metallic painted house has a texture thats a little hairy but in a industrial way.The whole idea is pretty industrial and holds one line with the industrial look some ibanez guitars from this day have. The time they are on the market is too short to evaluate if they are appealing to guitarplayers,since not many of these pedals are being seen in the musicshops ,who knows which are the classics here.

See for yourself on the official ibanez page :


CF 7 chorus flanger
DE 7 delay
DS 7 distortion
FZ 7 fuzz
PH 7 phaser
SM 7 smash box
SH 7 7th heaven
TS 7 tube screamer