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Around 1981 the follow up on the succesfull 808 series began to take place,the metal housing changed into a more modern one and the Q switch was changed to a silver switch as broad as the pedal ,underneath this switch was a spring that pushed to the actual on/off switch which is a standard electronics part and can easily be changed.The metal house with different colors for different effects was rugged and as the battey was loaden from the underside (downloaded?) this design seemed to have all the potential of a winner.This construction is far better to the competition and the effectsounds seemed to be right also,the TS9 was an instant hit and still is after 20 years.The colors now have a meaning so guitarplayer can reconize the sort of effect by color,yellow means flanging,green overdrive,blue is equalizer and velvet is chorus and so on.About 1984 this series was upgraded with a metallic look and only a few model appeared in metallic finishes,these are highly sought after because they are rare.All the models (16) from this series are premium quality and many pedallers feel this to be the ultimate in pedal-design,sound and playability.Only the TS9 has been reissued and another model was added : the TS9TX, a souped up version of the TS9.

The big plus with these and the 808 series pedals lays in how well they work together with other pedals in a chain and the preamp they hit at the end of the chain,its their interaction quality thats basically what likewise sets them apart.

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1981-1984 Ibanez analog delay AD9
1981-1984 Ibanez autofilter AF9
1981-1984 Ibanez compressor/limiter CP9
1981-1984 Ibanez flanger FL9
1981-1984 Ibanez graphic equalizer GE9
1981-1984 Ibanez parametric equalizer PQ9
1981-1984 Ibanez phaser PT9
1981-1984 Ibanez stereo chorus CS9
1981-1984 Ibanez sonic distortion SD9
1998-current Ibanez turbo tube screamer TS9DX
1981-1984 Ibanez tube screamer TS9
1996-current Ibanez tube screamer reissue TS9
1981-1984 Ibanez Bi-mode chorus (metallic purple) BC9
1981-1984 Ibanez overdrive (metallic darkgreen) OD9
1981-1984 Ibanez Super Tube Screamer (metallic green) ST9
1981-1984 Ibanez Super Metal (metallic blue) SM9
1981-1986 Ibanez double sound fuzz and wah pedal
1980-1986 Ibanez Blubber wah pedal

Serialnumbers ,details:

serialnumbers starts at circa 10000=1981 ca 20000=1982 ca30000=1983 ca40000=1984.
black labels at the back 1981-1982 silver labels from ca.1982 and on.
opamps used early RC4558,ca.1980 ,JRC4558p and others ca.1981 ,TA75558p ca.1984
all are made in japan under the maxon brand by nisshin co.japan.
black labels english and japanese instructions,silver labels have english,french and japanese.
9 volts DC + mantle and - middlepin ,the AC-109 is the ibanez powersupply.
batterycompartment is in the back 9 volts 6F22 blockbattery,the led starts do dim on low voltage.
ailments:the on/off switch does not function properly when battery is low,the DC feed sometimes
causes problems potmeter can be noisy sometimes,no other problems known.
plus:quality casings,quality sounds 14 types 1980's and 2 types in the 1990's

Tubescreamer MODS:

Now only add a LCD screen a GSM phone and WAP unit and either have a leopard skin covering or all chrome exterior and your in business for the winter.

foto:unknown origin,this was a original 1982 TS9 btw.


Natural MODs:

Before the treatment and after the treatment:

foto:kate ebneter c.1999.

The TS9 Printed Circuit Board with the famoused IC chip the Japan Radio Company 4558 D:

foto:Dr.Daktari c. and M.Mulders c.


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