The TS-L series.


The TSL was a short-lived series inbetween the 9 series and 10 series pedals,they all share the same pedalcase and general look with the battery now placed under the on/off switch much like the Boss pedals by Roland .They all have the L in place of the 9 and 10 type,like TSL (tubescreamer L) ,CSL (chorus L ) and so on.

ADL delay
AFL auto filter
BCL bimode chorus
BPL phaser
CPL compressor limiter
CSL stereo chorus
DCL digital chorus stereo
DDL digital delay
DFL digital flanger
DML 10 digital modulation delay
DML 20 modulation delay III
FFL flanger
GEL graphic equalizer
MSL metal screamer
PQL parametic equalizer
SML super metal
STL super tube