Guitaramplifiers and some pedals use old school technology and with that comes analogue Tube technology:

Most common tubetechnology (point to point) Guitaramplifiers - brands : Marshall - Fender - Vox

- Hiwatt - Orange - Wem - London City - Sound City - Laney - Koch - Mesa Boogie - Soldano - Traynor

- Trainwreck - Teardrop - Bogner - Carvin - Hughes and Kettner - Kittyhawk - Peavey - Ampeg -

Most common found Tube types in these amplifiers are:

pre- amptubes : ECC81 - ECC82 - ECC83 - EF86

powertubes : EL84 - EL34 - KT66 - KT77 - KT88 - 6L6GC - 5881 - 6V6GT - 6550

rectifiers : GZ34 - GZ32


Most common found Tube brands are : Mullard - Philips - RCA - Tungsram - Telefunken - GE - Dario - Adzam - Mazda - Matshushita - GEC - Brimar - Zaerix - Lorenz -

Philips tubes , as this Dutch international firm was the owner off numerous tubeplants over the world , (for instance , the owner off Mullard since 1928) ,this brand is commonly found , Philips also was behind or involved in brands as Adzam - Mazda - Dario - Miniwatt - Matsushita



Tubetechnology was very common in the 1950 ies and 1960 ies , you or your wife went to the store and would buy a new tube for the radio , just as they would buy a pack off cigarettes ,it was that common. However with the rise off an invention called the transistor , all that came to an end , the transistor started to replace the tube , as it was much smaller to produce,dissipated little to no heat ,and was much easier to handle ,to store , to ship and would cost a fraction off the tube .There was one downside : The Tone ..!, as the transistor made the amplifier sound terrible ,it was for Guitar and Bass not a good enough sounding device , and that is still the reason why Guitarplayers and Audiophiles still prefer this old technology.As most things start to become digital , and at 2005 the computer chips can hold 200 miljon transistors on the surface off a 1 mm pinhead ,its cool to see this ancient technology being kept alive , only because the tubetechnology had a couple human values : Tone and Vibe . There is that illusive X factor , the voodoo off this technology , the heat , the soup , even some romantic notion to this vintage technology that makes it very interesting for people to have , and thats why the term NOS and Vintage started to be heard , NOS for tubes and parts and Vintage for Guitars , there are people who want to go back to the old days when things where not digital and processed , the digital revolution also made some people love old school tubetechnology for what it is: Great sounding , mysterious and mystical voodoo ..

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