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Wah wah pedals.

As early as 1945 the wahwah effect made up from a midshift equalization was known,Leo Fender put one in his lap steel guitar. Besides that ,some studio players found that by rotating the tone knob it gave a wahwah like sound. In 1965 Brad Plunkett of Thomas Organ Co in the USA was working on a tonecontrole and found the effect by accidence,word is when people heard this sound they all came in the lab and where astounded by it.The effect was commercialized in 1966 by Vox who called it the Vox wahwah and Thomas Organ who gave it the name Crybaby,since it sounded like a baby making noise .Since Thomas Organ/Vox forgot to get a patent on the design the secret got out and everybody started to make wahwah's,after the original design and largely made in Italy by JEN elettronica Pescara who labeled the wahwah's under various names… (Vox-Jen-Gem-Elka-Crybaby-Gretch-whatnot),after that the wahwah was also made by Thomas Organ themselves in sepulveda and Chicago USA.

Vox made wahwah's in England,but by far the most where made by other manufacturers like Jen in Italy and Colorsound in England and also by Thomas Organ in the Usa in Chicago and sepulveda ca.In February 1967 Vox/thomas organ made a promotional paper-record which sounds like this: 1966/1967 vox wah recorded in Hollywood USA (mp3) and looks like this : vox paper record .

The brochure that got out at the same time looked like this : Crybaby folder Vox folder.There are some article on the wahwah you can follow these links :and the article by eric sloaf and info on wahwah pedals on the analogman site.

Here are some wahwah pedal examples from ca 1966 onwards.Update from may2000 >2/2004.

1946 Fender lap steel with build in wahwah effect (red button) usa    
1966/67 Hofner wahwah made in germany print bottom
1966 Vox prototype grey metal volumepedalhouse made in england print bottem
1967 Crybaby wahwah logo on top made in italy print bottem
1967 Vox clyde mccoy wahwah picture logo italy print bottom
1967 Vox clyde mccoy wahwah script logo italy print 2 bottom
1967 Elka dizzy master wah-volume-repeatpercussion made in italy print bottem
1969 Vox V846 wah italy print bottem
1970 Vox V846 wah made in the usa thomas organ co. sepulveda print bottem
1971 Shaller bow-bow joj-joj made in germany print bottem
1972 Vox stereo fuzz wah thomas organ sepulveda usa made print bottem
1972 Foxx wah-fuzz-octive-swell made in USA print bottem
1972 Maestro Boomerang wahwah all-test USA made print bottem
1973 Dallas arbiter wah baby made in italy print bottem
1973 Fender cbs wah fuzz made in USA print bottem
1973 Jen (Vox) double sound distortion and wahwah made in italy print bottem
1974 Ibanez fuzz wau standard japan print bottem
1975 Maestro wha wha made in USA print bottem
1975 Vox sound limited wahwah hastings made in england print bottem
1970's Shinei companion wah and fuzz made in japan print bottem
1975 Electro Harmonix muff fuzz crying tone pedal made in USA print 2 bottem
1975 Colorsound wah fuzz straight made in england print 2 bottem
1976 Colorsound wah fuzz swell made in england print bottem
1976 Fender cbs wahfuzz with dials USA print bottem 2
1978 Crybaby model 95-910511 thomas organ sepulveda USA made print bottem
1970's Dearmond weeper wah made in USA print bottem
1970's Guild wahwah print bottem
1980's Morley black gold basic wah made in USA print 2 bottem
1980 Jen crybaby super "Elvis wah due to the all white components" made in italy print bottem
1980 Roland double beat fuzz wah made in japan print bottem
1980s Morley WVO wah volume pedal burbank USA print 2 bottem
1980 Electro harmonix soul kiss mouthsensor autowah made in USA print bottem
1982 Ibanez Blubber wah pedal made in japan print bottem
1985 Crybaby made in USA print bottem
1987 Boss pw-1 rockerwah made in japan print bottem
1987 Musitech tube talker tubebased wahwah made in canada print 2 bottem
1992 Ibanez WH10 wahwah made in japan print bottem
1995 Jim Dunlop jimi hendrix wahwah made in USA print bottem
1995 RMC1 Teese wahwah made in USA(in old cry-war-baby house) print bottem
1996 Vox V847 wahwah reissue made in USA print bottem
1997 Charlie Stinger snarling dogs wah made in USA print 2 bottem
1998 Dunlop crybaby 535 chrome wah made in USA print bottem
1999 Roger Mayer wah made in england print bottom
1999 Teese RMC3 real mccoy wahwah made in USA print bottem
1999 Boston wahwah pedal by proel manufacturing print bottem
1999 Fulltone wahwah made in USA print bottem
1999 Budda wah made in USA print bottem
1967 Halifax (Höfner germany made) wahwah picture courtesy Frank Caprio print bottem
1967 Halifax Z (with Fuzz made in germany) courtesy Bill Nemec print bottem

See if you can spot which type of wahwah Jimi plugs in here in 1968.

To get a idea of the different components used thru the years in wahwah pedals use the following table on Inductors and Potmeters and Transistors to get a idea what these look like.

Type of Inductor: Used in:  
Halo style inductor Vox Clyde Mccoys /stickermodel italy/early crybaby wah
48 style inductor Vox wah USA,Teesewah,Crybaby USA sepulveda/chicago
TDK style inductor Vox V846 USA and crybaby USA wah,Foxx,
TDK faselcopy style inductor Ibanez Blubber wahwah
Cube inductor Ibanez wah early,various brands shinei ,japanese wahs

Inclosed Halostyle


Vox V846 italy,Jen double sound,Vox wah england


German Halo style Hofner wah german wahwah's.Halifax wah.
Italian halo style Elka and other organ wahwah's  
Type "03" style Colorsound,Vox colorsound made wah
Red Fasel Jen,Vox,Gretsch,Crybaby
Green Fasel Jen,Vox,Gretsch,Crybaby
White Fasel Jen,Vox,Gretsch,Crybaby

CBS halo


Fender wah's
El Rad





Potmeter/various parts: Used in:  
ICAR potemeter 100 kohm Vox clyde/early crybaby wah  
ERT potmeter 100 kohm Jen /Vox wah early 70's  
Clarostat potmeter Maestro,Foxx  
Centralab potmeter Maestro boomerang  
Allan and Bradley Vox,crybaby  
Dunlop Hot Potz Crybaby,Vox Ri,535  
Teese CTS pot RMC wahwah's  
Fulltone wahpot Fulltone wah