New GUI Engine

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Screenshots of the GUI, Networking and Applications (Click on the images to see a larger version).

Screenshots of TriangleOS 0.0.3, showing the new GUI style, applications, networking, etc.

The tabbed window titlebars can be slided.

Note: The time and date displayed in the above screenshots are a little inconsistent because the screenshots were taken on two different computers, both with incorrect date- and time setting, and one computer seems to suffer from a bad CMOS ;). 

Older screenshots: 

Screenshot of TriangleOS 0.0.3 (Running the webserver and accessing the server from an external host. Also shows the TriangleOS Menu from which applications can be started and system settings can be viewed/changed).


Screenshot of TriangleOS 0.0.3 (Showing telnet with a IRC client using ANSI colours, the TriangleOS Editor using the EditableTextField and the 'ps' utility).

Older 0.0.3 GUI versions


Some apps  I ported to 0.0.3 ;) (Textmode)
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Screenshot of TriangleOS 0.0.2, running a few apps:

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.. and another one

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This is an older screenshot of the GUI:

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Screenshot of the old GUI:

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Very old screenshot of the first GUI:

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TriangleOS 2001 - 2002 Wim Cools

Graphics by Kevin Cools, content by Wim Cools

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