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The importance of good SSB audio

All Hams know that the performance of their station very much depends on antenna efficiŽncy.
A lot of money, time and effort is invested to make sure that our antennas do the best job possible, 
and we hunt and cure every single dB of loss in the feeding system. For good reasons.

But lots of Hams apparently do not sufficiently realize that good ssb audio quality is also a major key to good overall performance. 

Good audio in the sense that it is easy to copy even under poor band conditions, but also in the sense that it's easy to listen to.

In fact, optimizing your audio may be a bigger improvement than throwing in a power amp that gives a 4 times output power increase.

On the Ham bands, extreme versions of SSB audio can be heard. 
Some signals are difficult to copy although S9+, and some can be copied way down to the noise level.
Good, functional audio is within everyone's grasp. It will take some effort and some tweaking, and maybe a little investment.
But you will be rewarded by good reports from the other side, and not only be heard, but easily be copied as well.

In the following pages, some audio recordings are added for illustration, 
and a few techniques are shown that may help you check and -if necessary- improve your audio.

Please note that by adding the sound samples, I just want to show how easy it is to have other than perfect audio.
In no way I want to ridicule Hams with imperfect audio, I just want us all to learn from the examples.
In these cases where I think the extreme audio is a deliberate choice of the operator, I made sure no identification is possible.

If, for whatever reason, a ham would like to see his audio sample removed, I will immediately comply to that request. 

Basic information on speech

Analyzing and adjusting your stations audio

SSB Audio dynamic- and spectral analysis using a web-SDR

SSB Audio spectral analysis using a spectrogram

Microphones, microphone technique, tayloring your audio

DSP-IF transceivers

Good SSB audio quality on reception

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