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Who's PA8W

Hello fellow Hams and ham radio listeners!
Welcome to my website.

You will probably have worked me if you visit this website, in that case I want to thank you very much for the contact.
On this website I want to show you a little about how I practice and enjoy hamming.

This particular page is meant to give you an impression about who I am and where and how I live.

About the photo on the right;
No, I am not a lucky b... who's operating old radios from a flying Lancaster bomber.
This photo was taken in the Imperial War Museum in Duxford England, where they have a lovely collection of old radio equipment.
In one corner, this copy of the Lancaster's radio room is available for taking a nice picture...

My first receiver... (when I was 9 years or so)
A germanium diode, a capacitor, a tuning capacitor and a multi-tap coil.
And of course a few metres of antenna wire.

Wait for darkness and wow; all of Europe was trying to squeeze through the crystal earpiece!

I was born in 1957 in the Netherlands, and as soon as my parents let me hold the soldering iron, I was connecting batteries, lamps and switches.

A little later, I was building small cigarette-box FM-transmitters using the OC171, and building basic receivers, audio amplifiers etc.

Ok, I admit, things got out of hand later when I disrupted the reception of a live soccer game on television for my entire neighbourhood...
Ok, I didn't make friends testing my drive-in loudspeakers again and again in our garage, shaking the neighbours tools from his wallboard...

I did manage to turn my hobby into my profession, 
I did turn my profession into my own specialized pro-audio company in 1994, making a decent living and enjoying every day of it.

So mothers and fathers, don't get desperate if your son or daughter sometimes blows your mains fuse at home.
Just keep your flashlight and spare fuses within range and keep in mind that this son or daughter may one day fix your electric wheelchair or get your computer virus free and running again...

The current transceiver:

My transceiver is a IC746Pro, a great little radio.

The microphone is a special cardioid condensor mike which I picked for its flat frequency response and the cardioid pickup pattern. 
See my pages on SSB audio quality as well.
"Your power is in your Audio" is what was reported to me several times.
I am a minimalist, so I get great satisfaction out of tweaking and optimizing a basic setup.

Due to the small space available for antennas, I had to find small but effective antenna solutions.

QRV on 10m, 15m, 20m, 17m, 40m, and on 80m, I worked more than 100 DXCC entities and more than 35 North American states in my first 6 months of hamming in 2009, all in SSB. Not a bad result for 100W and small antennas I guess.

So if you live in a crowded place like me, maintain a good relationship with your neighbours and make the most of your situation. Also a moderate station will yield great satisfaction if you don't set your targets too high.

The past few years I focused on Radio Direction Finding technology.

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