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Sick through Solvents


The Organic Psycho Syndrome


Persons suffering have (had) the experience of getting unwell to deliriously sick when exposed to organic solvents. In a (not necessarily-badly ventilated) room or area in which these solvents are used, many individuals thus experience a change in body and mind. These so called "symptoms" vary from mild to severe; occurring instantly or gradually. This likewise applies for individuals working with glue, printing ink, car sprays, boat lacquers, road marking, laboratory-chemicals, pesticides; herbicides/insecticides, or any other related toxic materials. If a person in these circumstances is showing physical and mental signs of conspicuous deterioration one must think of a possible connection with individual hypersensitivity to the toxic chemicals he/she is exposed to. This profession disease is called "Organic Psycho Syndrome": the body (organs) as well as the psyche (the mind) are affected.



Main symptoms (and/or):

impairment of the central nerve system

deterioration: premature ageing

serious loss of energy; chronic fatigue

concentration/orientation problems

short-memory loss

lightheadedness/dizziness, heavy headaches

mood swings: unreasonable irritation, hostility, sulking, agression, depression

sleeping problems

breathing problems

pains in the breast, the stomach, the legs

libido decline; impotence; infertility

changes in appetite; food cravings/- aversions, -allergies

sensitivity to noise, light, smells

personality changes



Objectives :

to organize meetings -national and regional- for victims and their partners (information exchange + social event)

to fully support the two qualified Medical "Solvent Teams" who examine/test the victims (in December 1996 they were officially acknowledged and are fully granted)

to stimulate extension of qualified jurisdiction

to stimulate extensive PR

to support contact with national and international Sister Organisations and Trade Unions by participation in Platforms, Symposia, Congresses; by written communication

to inform employers and politicians in order to finally get the toxic chemicals officially banned

to stimulate thorough scientific knowledge/research in order to establish revalidation therapies for the victims


Foundation : in the Netherlands in 1991

Operation : by volunteers

Membership : victims, partners, other people involved or interested.

                            (825 members on januari 2001)



Association OPS

Hoofdstraat 40

9141 TS Wierum

The Netherlands

Tel/Fax: 0031 - 519 589 785