Choronzonic Chaos Gods

CD Full Moon Productions '99

Damned And Dead
The Law Of Burning
Hail Caligula !!!
Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught
Let jesus Bleed
Blood For Satan
Cross Of Fury
In The Name Of Chaos

Choronzonic Chaos Gods is recorded and mixed at the Q.S.A. Studio, Utrecht, Holland in Jan-Feb '99. Engeneered by Vincent Dijkers. Produced by Vincent Dijkers and Centurian. Mastered and edited by Vincent Dijkers and Marco van Berkel at CC Telecom, Houten, Holland.

All music and lyrics by Centurian.

Cover bloodwork by Rob Oorthuis. Lay-out by Centurian.

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Centurian "Damned and Dead"

Question the laws of righteousness
Unchain yourself from white
Invert the cross of Calvery
Dead forever is the light

I laugh at bible words
And curse lord god in it
Filthy are his servant slaves
Criminals in sin

They lack the skill of thinking straight
Or are they without thought
They stubbornly claim to know
For jesus brings salvation

Will they never learn
The Satanist will show them how
Will they never learn
A thorn - crowned dog will burn

Away with the whore of nazareth
Away with the son of sickness
I am not of a dying god
Whose words flow like blood from his mouth

I swear to Satan's crucifix
I swear to the beast 666

Damned and Dead is what they all are
On their knees in front of their lord
All in line for flesh and blood
All indulge on jesus christ

Chant the hymns of misery
Scream unto the pale carcass
Praise him without any reason
Thank him for all he never did

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Centurian "The Law Of Burning"

Remorse unspoken, no soul bothered
Jesus christ, Do you still believe?
Now on the cross, and no big loss
Thanks to your own mischief

I can't wait to be in Hell
I can't wait to meet you there
I can't wait to watch you burn
While I shall stand the flames

Forget god, he is dead
Say farewell, to your father
Burn and be pleased to burn
For there's no other way

Than the law of burningÖ

There's no life only Death
Take pleasure in his living lifeless
Behold the true God!
He who gives birth to life's death

I never understood your pain
But this is what you wanted
Never ever will I sympathize with you
When I'm in Hell, I won't stop laughing

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Centurian "Hail Caligula !!!"

I am the God you worship
I am the messiah
I am god's son like jesus was
I am salvation for the sinners
I am the prince of profanity
I invented lust and life
I wrote the fowlest fantasy
I am the bringer of sweet Death

I am author of damnation
I sealed the book of Sodomy

I am the purple sky
As you lay strangled at my feet

Hail Caligula !!!

In my name you lust is sacrificed
In my name your soul is sold
For the glory you feast with blood
For my glory the ritual is done

Step inside my heaven
Step inside my home of sin
Go with the mad emperor
Go with Caligula

Bow down before the master
Bow down in front of me
Crawl, children crawl
Crawl for Caligula!!!

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Centurian "Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught"
Meet god's children
Slay them, drink them
Get drunk on the love that flows out of them
Damned are the newborn lambs of god
They shall all live to bleed
They all shall live to crawl
To pray and to get punished, untill all is dark
And the day of dying has arrived!!!

Jesus christ is not a king
He lays stinking and rotting
Among the false prophets
Death to them who worships him
To slay is to salvate, and to have salvation
Godless chaos is the way
The power of christ compels me not!!!

Murder is righteous
To kill is to live
To kill is to smother, the stink of god
Find peace in killing, and take christian life
Make victims and violence
For SATAN's rise!!!

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Centurian "Let jesus Bleed"

Beware, beware, jesus lives
Take heed, take heed, he is here
Peeled from the cross
Torn from his slumber of suffering
Second coming, certain death, in god's name

To the cross, nail him to the cross

With torns from withered roses
I will lame a crown
And press it into his skull
While spitting in his face
With a smile I'll kill
His every follower
Branded am I
To end god's corrupt plan
I will drink of his blood
Until the last drip is pinched
From his open wounds
And all will chant:


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Centurian "Blood For Satan"

Liquid jewelry
It gathers in red
As I slit my arms
To release the fiend inside myself
Watch my hands of Sodom
Claws of devine self - slaughter
Torn is my flesh
Just like the sould inside it

Touch my scars
And read my soul
Exposed are the bloody sins of me
My eyes stare cold
I tremble in madness
Flesh lays naked
Demons are screaming

Dagger of darkness
Hasted through my skin

Marked as the marvellous lamb
The black beast
The lamb forlorn of god
My flesh is the feast

Satan, Take my blood

I slowly cut
Life out of me
Satan Lord
My blood is Thine

Finding salvation
Through self mutilation
Draining myself
My soul is soaked
Now without god
And without grace
Yet all this
Seems so natural to me

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Centurian "Soultheft"

Armies of white angels they fight
Pulling and twisting My mind to partake

I know my fate Accept heaven's Hate
It is too late inverting my fate

Stupid god
greedy thief
lord of grief
I won't believe

Don't even bother
my wish is to burn
Search for another
my soul you must earn

Your arrows are to slow
without you I will go
Dethrone yourself and flee
or care to Die for me

Armies of white angels they fight
Helplessly begging me their lives not to take

My place is in Hell
I cannot be sold
to your angelic race
your fall is foretold

father you've died
deceased in your light
your words, they mean nothing
my mind is too strong

Each angel impaled
and once again
your son to be naild

Armies of white angels they fight
Helplessly begging me their lives not to take

They know their fate
have Satan's Hate
It is too late
Inverting their fate

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Centurian "Cross Of Fury"

Where else can I go with my hate?
Molesting my skin, I struggle to bleed
No longer to bear the rage in me
Am I an assassin to be ?

Why not kill the ones without a will ?
Why not burn the house of god ?
Why not catch the insects
and trap them all to dirt ?

So close to the line where I will snap
Itís taking over, bloodlust fury
Christians in sight, knife in command
Away with the law, death is at hand

Trying to save my sanity, through prayers working weak
I donít expect them to succeed, my soulís lost
I will always bleed, which way shall I fly
To let them know the beast, that dwells in my heart unleashed

The cross of Fury !!!

On their way to make me pray
But whatever they say itís rotten
They bother my will and plan to kill
Sperm of the miserable crucifix

They are blind
Kill their kind

I bleed and sow the seed of Satan
Feel the demon grow
Flourished from my pain
Purified from angerÖÖI am sane

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Centurian "In The Name Of Chaos"

Cursed am I to be caught in flesh
Caught in cancer
Caught in godís creation
Trapped with godís followers
Born in the stink of god
Smell the rot of god



Bring everlasting flames unto us
Bring down all what lives

That we may loose
The minions of christ

Feel compelled to kill us all
Be supreme in murder and sadism
Serve this worldís need to perish
Be vulgar in violence

Bestow the world with genocide
Fill our minds with suicide

Deliver us unto Chaos
Deliver us unto destruction

Let us walk the desert of dried blood
That we may see who will get through


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