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Thanks for visiting the CenturianChaos website, a site with all information about the recently deceased Death Metal band Centurian. As you know Centurian broke up in April 2002, but inspite the break-up this site will continue to inform you and it will keep the Centurian spirit alive. After the split there has been no official statement, but I'll also try to explain what happened. 

After the band broke up, I haven't up-dated this site and I haven't been in contact with a lot of people but last few months I've been overwhelmed with fanmail and letters from all over the world which made me realize what Centurian did in the last few years. A reunion will not happen, but I at least can make sure this site will keep you informed about what happens around Centurian, cause there's still a lot of Centurian attention  in magazines and at the web. Especially after the release of the latest CD "Liber ZarZax" in the US (early '02) and in Brazil (Late '02). Next to continue the work on the site I will answer my mails again and I will do some interviews as well.

Last up-date: February 7th, 2003:     Added some important stuff to the Latest News page,
                                                        Added reviews of all 3 Centurian releases.

One change will problably happen around Oktober of 2004. The URL will change in Make sure you change your bookmarks.

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Enjoy the site and play the CDs, GOD-DAMNED !!!

Wim van der Valk; Drums Centurian and webmaster for this site.


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