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Nuclear Abomination / Italy

"Choronzonic Chaos Gods"

There are several reasons that make me state that CENTURIAN is the best of European bands to this day. They just have the right feeling in everything they do. Their music is utterly blasphemous, fast, fiercely demonic Brutal Death Metal the like I haven't heard for ages. They play as if they want to wash away the modern trend of performing soft and clean with fire and cruelty of unadulterated intensity. And they fucking succeed in it. Yet you can't really compare them to any other Death Metal band, if not for a scene-level association. KRISIUN, old DEICIDE, BELPHEGOR, all wrapped up tight in a projectile of unreservedly violent Death Metal, make this band stand on par with bands such as NILE, DIABOLIC, HATE ETERNAL or ANGEL CORPSE. Just like KRISIUN, this band never seem to stop its escalation towards the most perverse corners of the Death Metal universe, just like KRISIUN, they do not care for melody to be pleasing for a broader crowd. And for those who think Satanist lyrics are chattels for Black Metal outfits only, I suggest to check out CENTURIAN's. CENTURIAN is ultimate, one of the best bands EVER and I can't stop to brag how completely pitiless they are. Hyperfast drumming, cruel vocals (although both vocalist and bass player have left the band for SEVERE TORTURE, and I can't yet tell how good the new singer is), great demoniac lyrics, and an artwork painted with the blood from the guitar player's perverse mind, make up this CD a masterpiece, impossible to ignore. To me, a classic already.

Necrogore 10/10


Full Moon Productions

Angel corpse, Krisiun, Hate Eternal, and the like are establishing new guidelines for death metal. The most obvious is that your aggression must never wane. CENTURIAN is certainly up to the task of this new violence. The foursome from Holland bridge the gap between MORBID ANGEL and DEICIDE with less patience and more precision than the latter. This is their first full length, but itís the product of a band who is quite ready to be named with the elite. Iím doing this from a promo and donít have their names, but letís begin with the vocals. They take the majority of their influence from DEICIDE with frequent overdubs, but donít come off as derivitive. They are very strong while remaining coherent. "Damned and Dead" sets the pace, with its mutiple blasts and technical rhythms. "The Law of Burning" benefits from a lot of solid double bass work with some of the album's craziest riffs. The interesting thing about the album's intensity it that while it never slacks off, it increases noticably as the album progresses, especially the second half. The five minute songs back away for the shorter and swifter "Soultheft" and "Cross of Fury." You'll notice the album's cover art is hand-drawn and painted. You may not know the band did it with their own blood. They definitely aren't hoping to make a name through shock value, as the album embodies sincerity. CENTURIAN delivers true death metal, a must-have release. You get forty plus minutes of almost overwhelming extremity. We can only hope more bands will follow the example.



Jackal Blaster Webzine / US
Centurian - Filthy Death Metal, absolute Satanism. Chonzonic Chaos Gods- 2000 (Full Moon) 42:42

Hollandís Centurian have released a death metal masterpiece of smashing brutality with this 9 song effort. Combining elements of Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Krisiun, Centurian explode with raw and hateful Satanic death metal the way it was meant to be- fucking evil to the core! Fast and torturing brutality is all that you can expect here and let me tell you this just fucking rules everything. Totally awesome and raw death fucking metal that you most obtain at all costs. "Law of Burning" should be the death metal anthem for all time! The cover here is unique in that it was drawn in one take from a pool of the band's own blood, so you know this band means fucking business. No bullshit here, just pure, true Satanic death metal. Yes folks this cd comes highly, highly recommended! 


Metallian.com / Canada

Not to be confused with Italy's speed metal unit Centurion, this four piece hails from The Netherlands where they lay waste to wherever they tread. Comprised of uncompromising brutality and formidable speeds, the Dutch death metallers churn out whirlwind speed as efficiently as anyone else out there. So obviously influenced by the older sounds of the scene (where pure metal, fast solos and catchy riffs were not unusual) like Incubus, Thanatos and Massacra; the Centurian guys adapt those principles with 90's death metal (i.e. Morbid Angel, Deicide and Altar) to release a very strong album. Only let down partially by the sound, tracks like Let Jesus Bleed, Blood For Satan and In the Name of Chaos slash and bruise with maximum death fury. Noteworthy are the effect on Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught and the violent guitar picking on Soultheft whose tightness reaches Sinister proportions on occasion! Let the commercial magazines interview Cradle of hype and dummy burger; in truth this is where it's at in the underground!




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