"Liber ZarZax" Reviews


The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds / USA
Centurian - Liber Zar Zax - (Olympic)

With this album Centurian has become a name that can be trusted. These Dutchbags have consistently delivered mounds upon mounds of heavy material. Maybe its got something to do with living in a healthy metal scene. If you like how it felt to listen to Deicides debut album then you should have a pretty good idea of what its like to slip this puppy into the CD player. Listening pleasure can be enhanced by hammering a crucifix into pieces directly in front of a nun. J






Metallion.com / Canada

Do you like Glen Benton's visceral vocals? Do you worship the tight musicianship and whirlwind speed of Sinister? Do you worship at the altar of Vader? Hail Centurian! It's an empty feeling reviewing the album of a band that has already laid down its arms and descended into nether retirement, but Holland's Centurian is one of the rare death and black metal bands which understood the essence of the genre and delivered pure abyssic hatred. The Book of the Power of the Tenth Aethyr called Zax is a consistent album which never fails to deliver. The sound could have benefited from a more lively production, but multi-channel brutal vocals courtesy of recent inductee Jerry Brouwer, swift guitar picking and hefty soloing, punchy rhythm section, blood-soaked lyrics, demonic cover art and more are all present. There is nothing more to say.



Spread The Cancer / USA

Centurian- Liber Zar Zax
(Olympic/Centurymedia)   10/10

This is one of the most brutal death metal releases since Morbid Angels "Domination".  Absolutely punishing, hyper speed death metal, played with razor sharp precision.  The vocals are nothing to be taken lightly as well.  Low, yet understanble, growls from bassist/vocalist Jerry Brower, bring it all together.  You will not be disappointed, instead, you'll be brought to your knees.  Morbid Angel should just had over the keys to the bus right now and let Centurian drive!!



MegaKungFu.com / USA
Centurian - Liber ZarZax

If you like you metal fast, brutal, evil and unbelievably loaded up with images of hell and death, then grab yourself a copy of Centurian's "Liber ZarZax." Century Media's newest release finds the boys in Centurian completely obliterating everything in their path. If the demon/mantis on the cover doesn't consume you, then the endless speed metal and death metal will.
Not one to mess around with melodies, the new Centurian is poised to become a classic death metal opus. And you can't really argue with songs like "Colosseum of Blood," "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex," "Hell at Last," and what turns out to be one of the best songs on the disc, "Ritually Slaughtered For Satan." At times the relentless speed can become over powering, but there really is no room for melody or even a chunky breakdown. The constant blast beats and double bass fury guide these 11 songs of unimaginable evil and when combined with the un-Earthly vocal tone of Jerry, "Liber ZaxZar" is an early offering from the death metal community that will stand out at years end.
I almost wish at times there was some of that Swedish influence in the disc somewhere. A nice melodic solo or even keyboard sample looped in would have been nice. There isn't a super amount of variety in the 11 songs and adding some kind of melody (if it could be worked in) or some trippy, old school metal solos would have pushed this disc even further.
On the "Sparky Scale," Centurian's "Liber ZaxZar" gets a 8.5 out of 10. This is unadulterated metal in it's purest form. Centurian's sound isn't super original by any means, but it is one of the best that death metal has to offer. If you're a fan of Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, or Suffocation, dig right in.

On the Sparky Scale: 8.5 out of 10

Recommended Tracks: "Ritually Slaughtered for Satan," "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex," "Speech of the Serpent," and "Fornicating the Nazarene"


Devils Elixir Newsletter / Bel

CENTURIAN « Liber Zar-Zax » CD 2001 (Listenable)   A/A

Absolutely brilliant death metal with unrelenting rhythm-tempos, razorsharp guitarriffs which strike mortally in the most undercover way you could even imagine. To complete this sulphurous album, add an impeccable production signed Franky's Recording Kitchen (he must has a really sophisticated alambic and secrets how to cook human heads « ŕ point ». and especially some spicing with hallucinating guitar solos nearly on every song. The arrival of a new vokillist alias Jerry Brouwer, who physically looks between Glen Benton and David Vincent.but not only physically. When he spits his fire upon the mortals.no fuckin'mercy at all ! « Hell at Last » has this strangulating guitar riffs like a rope cutting your throats and then.oh que ça déboule ŕ du 666 ŕ l'heure ! Indispensable, incontournable ! This is a must !

Christophe Szpajdel / szpajdelchr@online.be


Smother.net / USA
Centurian - Liber ZarZax       "Editor's Pick"

Underground Death Metal masters Centurian return with a new guitarist, a new singer, and enough blazing wrath to liquefy your internal organs. Reminding the world of what truly violent Death Metal should be, this lethal Dutch quartet careens through eleven of the most wicked songs ever written, spewing hate and acidic guitar riffs on innocent ears. “Liber ZarZax” serves as a musical and lyrical journey through an Enochian Armageddon of chaos in a vortex called Zax. Rob Oorthuis and Oskar van Paradjis’ incredibly fast and complex guitar riffs fly over Wim van der Valk’s metronomically precise blast beats and tasteful fills. All of this insanity is punctuated by Jerry Brouwer’s grinding baritone growls and demonic wails. With “Liber ZarZax”, Centurian succeed in taking us back to the days of Morbid Angel’s “Altars of Madness” without sounding like yet another ‘retro’ Death Metal act. Speed, brutality, extremity, anger—welcome to the vortex!

- Jeremy / www.smother.net


Metal-guide.com / USA

It seems that the underground Dutch Death Metal scene has finally woke up, and one after another, the legends that made it big are releasing worthy albums. This is the third album if I am not mistaken and the first one with their new vocalist and guitarist. For those that are worrying about the result, let me assure you that the guys, specially the vocalist, are fitting perfectly like they were born for that place, and are helping very much in the album. The band plays a violent and brutal Death Metal, sometimes slow and some others faster, but fully distorted and with common things from either the US and the European Death scene. The band manages to create a sound of it's own, with the rhythm section creating a chaotic atmosphere, and the vocals are helping in the creation of this atmosphere, with raw and
in-your-face Death. The arrangements are very good, with enough interesting parts in them, with some basic melodies and some of the finest guitars around. The production is simple, clear but powerful, and adds the final touches to the atmosphere of destruction that the album has. Once again, the Dutches had made their miracle.

8/10 7/10



Artikcd.com / Spain
CENTURIAN - Liber Zar Zax. Bienvenidos al caos infernal.

Vaya un caos infernal!! Estos holandeses saben como crear una música brutal, técnica, enfermiza, e introducir una atmósfera que parece venir del mismo centro del abismo. Chorradas a parte, decir que Centurian tocan una especie de Brutal Death satánico, muy arraigado en ritmos aplastantes y vertiginosos. Para que se haga una idea la peńa que no los ha oído, que mezclen la intensidad y rapidez de Krisiun con la brutalidad y la atmósfera de Deicide y la técnica de Morbid Angel, por deciros los más famosillos.
Rabia endemoniada, batería a la velocidad de la luz, técnica, bombos rapidísimos, voces guturales, guitarras afiladas y contundentes que no paran de vomitar riffs demoledores y pegadizos, y en definitiva, un buen pedazo de obra blasfema con temas muy bien estructurados y no muy variados, la verdad sea dicha, que hará que disfrutes de éste su segundo CD completo. A veces pueden recordar también a los Cannibal Corpse, Dementor y demás bestialidades. Sólo si eres seguidor del Death Metal más despiadado y brutal disfrutarás de esta gozada de CD. 45 minutos y medio repartidos en 11 cortes que harían temblar al mismísimo Diablo.



Diabolica Zine / Italy
Centurian - Liber zar zax

Debut discografico (su Listenable) degli olandesi Centurian, autori di un death metal frenetico e impazzito, parecchio potente e a volte ai limiti del grind. Non sono certo questo le premesse per rendere un album un must, anzi spesso la violenza gratuita e incontrollata vanno a discapito dell'intero album. Non č certo il caso di questi quattro deathster, di cui bassista e batterista militano anche nei Severe Torture, ma potevano sicuramente fare di piů, molto di piů. Badate bene, non č un album monotono e giŕ sentito, in quanto gli elementi tipici di un disco di death metal ci sono tutti, dal drumming folle, alle chitarre graffianti e alle vocals profonde e incazzate, tutto chiaramente come da copione e inserito in un contesto musicale dove ferocia esecutiva e massacro sonoro, la fanno da padroni. Ciň che innalza il prodotto dalla sufficienza, č una buonissima produzione, che mette in risalto le doti tecniche del combo. La recensione potrebbe finire qui, ma devo assolutamente fare un avviso a chi č in cerca di prodotti originali e innovativi, in quanto l'acquisto dell'album potrebbe rivelarsi un buco nel culo, oh!, scusate, nell'acqua!!! Assolutamente consigliato, invece, ai fans del death metal classico (Morbid Angel/Deicide). (Rosciogrind)



Vampire Magazine / NL


Godmotherfuckingdamn!!! This album kills! I always knew Centurian was one of the best Dutch death metal bands, but the outcome of this album (which is their second and their first release on French Listenable) is just great! Where most death metal bands put the emphasis on brutality Centurian puts the emphasis on agression an violence and this is heard back in the 10 pulverizing tracks on the album. The album itself has 11 tracks, but one song, “Feeding Flesh To The Vortex”, is merely an uncanny intermezzo; a prelude to the chaos that still has to come. The production on this alum is, compared to their first album “Choronaozic Chaos Gods”, much better and clear and you can hear the details in the music, which shows Centurian as one hell of a technical band. The tighness with which the songs are played in incredible and you’ll hear some pure evil riffing throughout the album. The coming of two new members shows a new vocalist/bassplayer that has a brutal voice, and with the coming of also a new guitarplayer Centurian’s sound is more full and there is much more room for guitarsolo’s, which they successfully utilize. This time they again re-recorded a song from their mini “Of Purest Fire” and this version sounds more aggressive than the one on the mini. Of course there are many resemblances to the likes of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Krisiun and more bands in that direction but I also find that there are certain characteristics that are purely Centurian, for instance the sound of Wim’s Custom made double bass or Rob’s whirlwind-riffing and I also find the sound has some typical Centurian elements, but this could be me. Anyway, the four most important words were said right in the beginning of this review… The violence has just begun!!! 



Quintessence webzine / NL

Liber ZarZax / Listenable Records

"Finally a production that suits the album" was the first thing that came up in my mind when listening to "Liber ZarZax". Its predecessor "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" still sounded very flat, which is all very much improved. This probably is due the fact that they changed studios this time to Franky`s Recording Kitchen. If you would like to compare the production quality of both albums you should listen to the re-recorded version of "Hell at Last". Okey, enough about the production now. The album blasts off with the very Deicide alike song entitled "The Reading (ZarZax Unto Zax)". When saying Deicide Alike I ofcourse mean compared to Deicide songs in the better era of their career. Songs after that, for instance "Heading For Holocaust", "Ritually Slaughtered for Satan" and the earlier mentioned song "Hell at Last" all sound like a total over the top mix between (early) Deicide and Morbid Angel. Besides the improved production, the improved songs and the very freaky solos (goddamn!) the vocal parts are more convincing. Their former vocalist had a good growl, but this new guy sounds less forced and more natural without losing its violent and guttural touch. And on top of that, the use of a permanent second guitarist really benefits to the music.




Beowolf Productions / USA

Here is yet another band that anyone in the Death Metal scene should know of. These guys ahve been unleashing their brutal Death unto us for many years now. This band from The netherlands plays some extremely tight & aggressive Death Metal music. There are tons of blasts, breakdowns, stop & starts, tempo changes & more... These guys are just extremely good & very talented! They blend elements from old school & new school Death Metal to create their sound. This is most likely the best band to ever emerge out of The netherlands. If your a Death metal fan & this CD isn't in your collection then your collection isn't complete!!!



Deadtide.com / USA


Imagine Reign in Blood played twice as fast, or Krisiun's Ageless Venomous with a good production and you'll have a sense of the sounds spewing forth from Centurian's latest, Liber Zar Zax. Centurian play a bit closer to the old-school than Krisiun do, but they have that same fiery resolution to do utmost harm to your ears in the least amount of time imaginable.  This translates into an album that's fast from start to finish [with the exception of the instrumental dirge, Feeding Flesh to the Vortex], with razor-sharp riffs spilling like blood from the fretboards of the Centurian guitar team. Newcomer Jerry Brouwer needs to work on delivering some interesting vocal rhythms and lighten up on the pipes to sing in his natural range, because his performance is the only hinderance to the band. He's not hurting them, but he's not helping them either and when there's so much creativity oozing out of the riffs of songs like Heading for Holocaust , you just want to hear some insane vocal work to top it all off. He gets close on the chorus of Ritually Slaughtered for Satan and Colosseum of Blood, where he pulls out Deicide's old, "shriek-on-top, roar-beneath" trick, so hopefully he'll deliver a more interesting performance next time out. The whole band comes together though, on the one-two punch of Conjuration for Choronzon and Speech of the Serpent, which harness Centurian's talent for speed and bloodshed to some clasic metal forms and a superior vocal
performance from Brouwer to make the best song on the album. Minor deficiencies aside, Liber Zar Zax offers a lot of Hell for your dollar.



Heading for Holocaust
Conjuration for Choronzon
Speech of the Serpent



Severe Music Metal Radar / Finland

CENTURIAN: Liber ZarZax -cd
If you've heard this band before it shouldn't be a huge surprise that this album includes very fast death metal, I mean VERY FAST.  This band is very skilled, nothing to complain about that. But after the first couple of songs have been heard, I find it maybe a little monotonous. There are too few riffs that blows your mind, the album is a bit faceless...
But what I like is the endless aggression and Jerry Brouwer, the vocalist/bass player, has a strong voice. My favourite tracks are tracks 1. The Reading (ZarZax Unto Zax), 2. Heading for Holocaust and 5. Ritually Slaughtered for Satan, which is quite an infernal blaster. Sometimes the riffs and solos have quite strong Morbid Angel influences here and there, but Centurian is not a clone for sure. Track six, Feeding Flesh to the Vortex, is a slow one, giving some variation to this album.
The sound is clear, but a bit of strenght in it would do a lot good for this album. I'm sure Liber ZarZax shouldn't be a disappointment to any Centurian fan, but I personally expected even more. Anyway, I'm sure they are a killer act on stage.



Chronicles Of Chaos / Portugal - Canada
Centurian - "Liber Zar Zax" (Listenable Records, November 2001)

Now that the ungodly David Vincent's departure, associated to creative stagnancy and video game-induced close-mindedness have propelled the once glorious  Morbid Angel into the sullen realms of dispensable death metal, the joust occurring around the accession to the much-sought Kings of (Death) Metal throne is subject to the daily onslaughts of a massively plethoric troop of hairy, satanic, growling, grinding, blasting contenders -- so far however, to not much avail. In the very, very black guise of one of the more lethally convincing thanes to this throne come Dutch deathsters Centurian. One MCD (_Of Purest Fire_) and one album _Choronzonic Chaos Gods_) into their career, Centurian had already shown to many a soul that their technical, blasting death metal was an unhallowed force to be reckoned with. _Liber ZarZax_ pretty much picks up where Centurian's unholy and worryingly brutal _CCG_ left off -- this new release is a blasting, searing eleven-track death metal mauling session that will leave you with blood seeping from your ears and eyes, gasping for a mere breath of burning air, which only comes in the guise of the choking, dark instrumental track "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex". The Dutch deathster's metal attains insane levels of complexity, as Rob Oorthuis and Oskar van Paradijs' intricate light-speed guitar lines intermingle with Wim van der Valk's deliriously aggressive rhythmic blasts and time shifts. Jerry Brouwer's roaring vocals and growling bass lines efficiently reinforce this monstrosity's assaults. _Liber ZarZax_ is one of the most utterly intense, devastating chunks of death metal I've beheld since Nile's _Black Seeds of Vengeance_, and is beyond all doubt one of the largest, rustiest nails to have been hammered into the Nazarene's wrists... ever!

By: David Rocher (9 out of 10)


Live4Metal.com / UK

Centurian - Liber Zar Zax (Listenable)
Review By Doogz

Or "what happens when you feed your drummer speed and steroids". The Netherlands isn't exactly notorious for brutal death metal (in fact, the only other metal band full stop I can think of right now is Callenish Circle)*, but by the time you read this you'll probably have seen Centurian on tour with Vader and been left gobsmacked by the fucking insanely fast double kick work of Mr Van Der Valk (the drummer here, not the TV detective). For those of you requiring one of my famed "lowest common denominator" descriptions, this album sits in the musically netherworld between Morbid Angel and Nile, not quite as complex as the latter's "Catacombs", but equally (if not more) bruising, and with riffage that could show Mr Azagthoth a thing or two. One thing I have to pick up on is this renewed "trend" for Enochian symbolism, it seems to be in use by a lot of peeps at the mo, granted, Centurian have done their research very well and aren't just using it will-nilly, but still Lyrically, this guys don't fuck about, making Deicide look like the big girls blouses they really are. The song titles themselves are a big give away, "Hell At Last", "Ritually Slaughtered For Satan", and check out this from "Fornicating The Nazarene"; 'the stinking sight, as they pray to their god, with heart and hole, asses towards heaven, begging to be blessed, begging to get screwed, PENETRATION!' Then later on; 'a foul stench, unleashed under prayer, buttfucked, by Jesus and his pals'. Nice, huh? Despite the apparent shock tactics, Centurian aren't some random unintelligent death band, and I heartily recommend this album to anyone currently disillusioned with music, it certainly rekindled my love of all things extreme. * Some Dutch Bands Doogz couldn't think of include: The Gathering, Within Temptation, Orphanage, Celestial Season, Xenomorph etc... oh and 2 Unlimited



Metal Dreams - Rulers of Extreme Metal / USA

CENTURIAN - Liber ZarZax

(Un)holy shit! The best extreme metal release of 2001 right here. This is a simply amazing display of acoustics, and will surely go down as one of the best brutal Death Metal albums of all time. I am at a loss for words, kiddies, but I will try to explain the godliness of this CD to the best of my ability. Forming somewhere around 1996, this band has put out a demo and one full length before this, and it's strange that I have not been aware of their music up until recently. Unbelievably heavy and down tuned guitars dominate the wall of sound that this CD spews out. Rob Oorthuis and recently acquired Oskar van Paradijs are the most dangerous axe-wielding duo this year, showing off their technical brutality and skill from the first notes on the CD. Also newly acquired, the bassist/singer Jerry Brouwer puts on one hell of vocal show, displaying ultra low growling with high pitched screaming. Right up to this point, I'd say, "fuck the drummer, if he sucks so be it, the killer guitar work by these three guys would be enough for an awesome CD". But wait, Wim van der Valk, the disgustingly awesome drummer takes the cake. This is the best recorded drumming performance since Krisiun's Max Kolesne did a godly job on their "Apocalyptic Revelations" CD. The drumming is produced the exact same way, with the kick drums being high in the mix, just perfect enough to make me tingle. Every aspiring drummer should pick up this CD and listen to Wim, so one can realize what years of practice do for one's technical handling of an instrument. Simply fucking amazing. Period. Every instrument is perfectly aligned, showcasing that the band knows what they're doing in the studio. Clocking in at forty-five minutes, it's the perfect length for a CD of this genre, and god dammit it just won't leave my CD player. This is the best CD I've heard in a long, long time. I love this shit!

Musicianship : 10/10
Structure : 10/10
Production : 10/10
BangFactor© : 10/10
Final Score : 10/10

By: Defemation (www.undernetmetal.org/metaldreams)


Rock E zine / Holland

CENTURIAN - Liber ZarZax
Listenable Records
Centurian is one of these band the Dutch death scene can be proud of. Together with a select group of bands (Inhume, Sinister, Severe Torture & others) they try to strike down on humanity with some ear raping technical death grind. Found back in 1997, out of the ashes of Inquisitor (R.I.P.), I heard from Centurian in 1998 when their former record company Full Moon Productions re released their first demo called “Of Purest Fire”. And I was quite impressed by the intensity of their songs and music. After the release of “Choronzonic Chaos Gods” I was totally convinced. But then the problems started. The record company could not fulfill the band’s expectations on the European promotion and besides that half of the band decided to focus totally on Severe Torture. But with new members Jerry (vocals / bass) and Oskar (guitar) both from Zi Xul, and a new record deal with Listenable Records everything seems to have calmed down. Except for the music. Cause “Liber Zar Zax” probably is the most extreme Centurian release ever. But the band also gained on technique. The grind parts are more spread this time and there even was some space left for an almost doomy My Dying Bride / Morbid Angel song (“Feeding Flesh to the Vortex”). The riffs, on some moments, are almost genial and show that Centurian seems to be evolving towards their own sound. The newcomers certainly seem to have found their place and that certainly is promising for the future. Buy or die!

Teun, Rating 8,5 / 10


Into Obscurity.com / USA
Centurian - "Liber ZarZax" (Olympic Recordings © 2002)
This band has been making music for a while now. I've always been a fan of their name and the image it conjured in my mind made me think I'd really like them. However, I could never get my hands on any music by them until just now. The formula that these Dutch metallers use to create music is much the same as bands like Krisiun. Start with a drum beat that is either double bass or blast beating the entire time. Next, layer on top of that some barre chord based guitar work that is just as fast as the drumming. Pay special attention not to add any frills, just stay straightforward. An occassional solo here and there, that doesn't really fit in the music, but it is just blisteringly fast. Finally, top it off with a deep, guttural scream and you have one Centurian. So it's not everything I thought it would be, but it's certainly a solid death metal release. Centurian isn't venturing into new territory, but they're also not re-hashing Cannibal Corpse rips. They're going to kill you with straight ahead brutality. I like it.

Death Metal Dan / www.into-obscurity.com


Rock Hard / Germany

CENTURIAN - Liber ZarZax


Die Tulpenschlächter CENTURIAN halten die Fahne des blas(t)phemischen Death Metal in der Art von Deicide und Morbid Angel (in deren jungen Jahren) hoch! Kackodämon Glen Benton kann sich nach Erscheinen von "Liber ZarZax" endlich das Leben nehmen (wie er einst selbst ankündigte) oder zumindest den müden Abklatsch seiner ehemaligen Kultband auflösen. Gegen die bis in die Haarspitzen motivierten Holländer kann er nicht im geringsten anstinken. Hier wird Todesblei höchster Intensität und Güte zelebriert, wie man es sonst nur von den Klassikern aus dem Golden Zeitalter zwischen 1987-1992 kennt. Dramaturgisch sehr gut überlegt ist die Einbindung des zähflüssigen und tonnenschweren Instrumentals ´Feeding Flesh To The Vortex´ in der Mitte des ansonsten aus Hochgeschwindigkeitsattacken bestehenden Albums. Da kann man zwischen den Highlights ´Ritually Slaughtered For Satan´ und ´Speech Of The Serpent´ wenigstens kurz durchatmen. Hut ab vor Drummer Wim van der Valk, den man von nun an ruhigen Gewissens in einem Atemzug mit Pete Sandoval nennen. Auch der neue Shouter Jerry Brouwer (auf dem Vorgängeralbum "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" war noch Seth van de Loo zu hören ) ist ein Meister seines Fachs und röchelt die rituellen Beschwörungen und Verschwörungen (Zax ist nämlich eine dämonische Dimension und quasi die enochische Hölle) gekonnt ins Mikro. "Liber ZarZax" ist ein Muss für alle Granitohren! Hoffentlich sind CENTURIAN auch bald auf deutschen Bühnen präsent....

Robert Pöpperl 9,5/10


www.digitalmetal.com / USA

Centurian - Liber Zar Zax

Put foot firmly in mouth, Centurian's Liber Zar Zax is far better than the initial, low-volume listen revealed. See, way too many bands/records of Morbid Angel Worship have been flung my way this year - understandably, a rather disconcerting position for any metal critic to contend with - the only clear-cut successor to Morbid Angel's throne (when they retire, that is) being Anata and their nightmarishly spellbinding Dreams of Death and Dismay. Well, you can now add Centurian to that oh-so-lonely list, as Liber Zar Zax manages to successfully draw influence from, rather than straight-away rip off, the mighty Morbid Angel - quite impressive, considering the album is only these flying Dutchmen's second long-player. Where Centurian excel here - and, conversely, where all their faceless contemporaries fall flat on their asses - is their effective integration of memorability and subtle detail into otherwise full-throttle, certifiably warp-sped deathblast. To wit, it's not that the songs comprising Liber ZarZax follow hackneyed verse/chorus/bridge structures (see the increasingly AOR post-Gothenburg school); rather, it's the rhythmic interplay that propels each song forever forward and fully into one's gray matter to rattle around after album's end. Credit drummer Wim van der Valk with much of this advance, for although he blasts away metronomically at 300 mph (see the concurrent Brazilian and Polish scenes, both of which have their hands planted securely in Morbid Angel's cookie jar), he deftly shifts from double-bass-driven thrash tempos ala the Haunted (er, Dark Angel?) to dizzying hyperblast, adding percussive punctuation through well-timed ride/hi-hat accents and fills that function more as song markers than sound fillers. However, guitarists Rob Oorthuis and Oskar van Paradijs blow just as many minds in this department, too. Simply put, they find that floss-fine, stouthearted balance between riff and lead: face-rippingly rhythmic yet propulsively memorable for the former, crucially placed and meticulously constructed/mind-melted for the latter. Really, it all started to sink in after a couple run-throughs of lead-off lead-belcher "The Reading (Zarzax Unto Zax)," where a recurring harmonically tense riff speeds away into the night, song-intensive tornado drums do the same, short 'n' eerie solos crop up without warning but with welcome, the whole thing instilling that sense of urgency and imagination that make Morbid Angel and Vader so timeless while simultaneously foreshadowing potential grandness to come; basically, it's one of those mane-shakers you'll gleefully add to a mix tape to round up the year, and the same could be said for the back-to-back brilliance of "Conjuration for Choronzon" and "Speech of the Serpent," both songs further exercises in mentally ingraining riffery and nimble-fingered solo work. And, hey, you can't argue with the band's ambition(!) on the instrumental "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex" (where do they get these loopy titles anyway?!), a sludge-swirl of downtuning/detuning/retooling that recalls Trey Azagthoth's characteristically chemically addled musings on Blessed Are the Sick's intro or, hell, the limited-edition Love of Lava. Not surprisingly, bassist Jerry Brouwer's vocals combine Steve (Morbid Angel) Tucker's coming-of-age robust articulation with Glenn (Deicide) Benton's Jekyll/Hyde duality of hellgrunt vs. demonrasp (occasionally multi-tracked, but usually sticking to the former vocal style), so there you go. Color me surprised and maybe a bit confused, but Centurian assert a name for themselves with Liber Zar Zax - thus, their next one could be killer beyond belief. Here's to crossing my fingers.

[Nathan T. Birk]   www.digitalmetal.com


Centurian - Liber ZarZax    Listenable/Zomba Distribution

Om voor de hand liggende redenen bespreek ik liefst zo min mogelijk Nederlandse bands, maar af en toe kom ik er niet onderuit. In het geval van Centurian is het ook geen ramp, omdat de band een uitstekende nieuwe CD heeft afgeleverd. De band is er sinds hun vorige CD behoorlijk op vooruit gegaan en dat had ik na het vertrek van zanger Seth en bassist Patrick (die zich voortaan volledig richten op Severe Torture) eerlijk gezegd niet verwacht. De grootste verrassing op deze CD is het drumwerk van Wim van der Valk die een stuk heftiger en strakker klinkt dan voorheen, waardoor de muziek veel meer spettert. De intense, satanische death metal is bovendien goed geproduceerd in Franky’s Recording Kitchen. De Deicide- en Morbid Angel-invloeden (vooral in de solo’s) zijn nog altijd aanwezig, maar Centurian geeft er zeker een eigen draai aan. Er zijn de afgelopen twee jaar al veel uitstekende death metal-CD’s van eigen bodem verschenen -en ‘Liber Zar Zax’ hoort daar ongetwijfeld ook bij- zodat we rustig kunnen stellen dat Nederland inmiddels weer een ijzersterke death metalscene bezit.

Stephan Gebédi 84/100


LEGACY mag / Germany

CENTURIAN "Liber ZarZax"

Der Vorsprung schmilzt. Zwar sind Morbid Angel wohl immer noch das Maß der Dinge im wirklich anspruchsvollen Death Metal, aber die Konkurrenz holt mächtig auf. Jüngstes Beispiel sind die Holländer von CENTURIAN, die mit ihrem zweiten Longplayer "Liber Zar Zax", übersetzt etwa "Buch des zehnten Äthers", eine Dreiviertelstunde komplexen High-Speed Death über den selbigen jagen.   Die Sound-Parallelen zu Obengenannten sind vor allem bei den schleppenden Passagen verblüffend, während die reichlich Blast-Passagen vor allem Anhänger der Hate Eternal Scheibe und Krisun-Fans in Verzückung setzen dürfte. Trotzdem würde ich CENTURIAN nicht als Kopie abtun, denn die Thrash-Einflüsse der Gründungstage sind unüberhörbar und verleihen "Liber Zar Zax" vor allem beim Riffing die notwendige Eigenständigkeit. Empfehlenswerte Sache mit Bombensound und Konzept. Das Interview in dieser Ausgabe wird in letzterem Punkt wohl genaueres zu Tage gebracht haben. 

(MP) 12 Punkte/15


Hard Rock / France

CENTURIAN - Liber ZarZax

Deuxičme album pour les Hollandais de Centurian, et mission accomplie. Liber Zar Zax est une tuerie, un hymne ŕ Satan et au chaos. Evidemment influencé par Deicide, notamment au niveau du dédoublement du chant sur certains passages, Centurian ne fait aucun compromis, et vomi toute sa haine du christianisme et de la société en musique. Production massive, voix ultra puissante, compos abrasives, et guitares aiguisées, Centurian fait plus que maîtriser son sujet et ce malgré sa jeune discographie. En provenance des Abysses les plus retranchées, ce nouvel album est un condensé de violence, une offrande au maître, une déclaration de guerre ouverte ŕ toute forme de vie. Agrémenté deci-dela de solos de guitares plutôt inspirés qui ačrent quelque peu l’ensemble, et emmené par un batteur dopé au hormones de rhinocéros, Centurian, sans pour autant révolutionner le style, nous assčne 45 minutes d’armaggedon, et nous pauvres fous, on en redemande. Vous avez dis maso?...

5 TNT/6


Lords Of Metal - Webzine / Holland

Centurian – "Liber Zar Zax"

Damn! Damn this is brutal! Nearly two years after their excellent debut album the Dutch cult Death Metal band Centurian return with their second full length effort. In 1997 Centurian released a demo/MCD "Of Purest Fire" with which they gained well deserved international recognition. With their debut CD "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" two years later, Centurian established themselves with the subtop of the European Death Metal scene. However, about a year after the release of this album vocalist Seth and bassist Patrick were forced to quit Centurian as both Centurian and Severe Torture were demanding more and more time and energy, which could not be combined. Shortly afterwards, Rob and Wim found two new members; Jerry (vocals/bass) and Oskar (guitars). The objective of Centurian was to strike back with an album that would set a benchmark in Death Metal, as Rob enthusiastically assured me a while ago. Thus, my expectations with respect to the new material were quite high. I was pleasantly surprised to find the new Centurian CD in my mailbox today. "Liber Zar Zax" is the title of this evil silver disc, which tells the story of Chaos, Satan and Death as referred to by the book of the power of the tenth Aethyr called Zax. (for further explanation on this theme, visit Centurian’s website: www.centurianchaos.com). Now to the music on "Liber Zar Zax"; This follow up of "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" surely does not disappoint. On the contrary, it’s totally ass-kicking! It’s punishing evil! It’s organized chaos. It is quite clear where Centurian get their inspiration from. Morbid Angel influences can be heard in almost every song, and the song "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex" could almost have been recorded by Morbid Angel for their Gateways album! Still, Centurian get away with it, as they have created their own unique sound. The unrelenting pace, machine gun drumming and spiraling leads are delivered with utmost precision and clarity. This just is a very high-energy and raging brutal affair, with a tight as fuck blasting rhythm section and killer razor sharp guitar riffs filled with crushing breaks and ripping solos! The great production captures every vocal vomit and scream, which sound just as satanic as the lyrical concept of Centurian. Every song on this CD is killer. The one re-recorded song "Hell at Last" from the "Of Purest Fire" Demo has a better production and sounds a lot more powerful on this CD. All in all one can clearly conclude that Centurian have managed to exceed all of their earlier works with "Liber Zar Zax". A mandatory purchase for every self respected Death Metal fan!

Points: 85/100


Nuclear Abomination / Italy

Liber ZarZax"

The kings of damnation and Satan encrusted Death fucking Metal are back. Again, they bring forth the best Death Metal in all of our stirring European scene. What can I add? CENTURIAN rip, kill, slay, crush, grinds you in a vortex of Chaos, hacked up flesh, blood and twisted magick like only DEICIDE "Legion" era or old MORBID ANGEL could do. Musically, something has actually changed from the past with the line up variation: the addition of another guitar player adds a consitent depth to the songs, which for the first time also features some gutwrenching solos in the vein of oldest MORBID ANGEL ("Rapture" style). The guitarwork is more or less the one of "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" with some more variations, adapted to a double work with some curious twists. Drumbeats are more definite due to a slightly superior production, and while on one side the double bass sound is a bit too synthetic, it doesn't ruin the thing like in the last KRISIUN, aye, regrading KRISIUN, for those who don't know CENTURIAN yet, they're a good cross between DEICIDE, KRISIUN and some other abstract demonic entity of undefined name. Cruel, blood drenched savage Death Metal with leg-cracking vocals and no more than 2 minutes of slow useless parts ah ah... I also like the band from a lyrical point of view, the texts I have read still concentrate on Satanism, Chaos, Destruction and arcane magickal systems (like BLOODSTORM for instance). ZarZax is an alien God of Chaos much like the ancient ones of Lovecraft Mythoi although the lyrics sometimes span on ancient Roman depraved massacres and sacrifices to the glory of Satan as well... too many references already, definitely, you know it's my custom ahr ahr... but well, you have to listen to CENTURIAN before talking... the package is still high level although I was much more into the black and white style of the demo/MCD, these computer effects aren't too disturbing but are a bit too bright for my dead eyes uhmm... Hell fires engulf some magical sigil on cover, and the same fires of god damned rage roar through their bastard music. That's Death Metal, cunts.

Necrogore 10/10


www.metal-rules.com / USA

Centurian - Liber Zar Zax
September 2001 | Released: 2001, Listenable Records | Rating: 3/5 | Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A French label LISTENABLE RECORDS continues to increase their own series of brutal and violent Death Metal releases by releasing these Dutch Death Metal syndicates CENTURIAN´s 3rd album (and their 1st for their new label, LISTENABLE) which carries the name, "Liber Zar Zax"; "a book of grimoire glorifying the end of the world", like the band has explained the meaning of the album´s title on their press kit. The songs - some of them being named with such lovely titles as "Heading for Holocaust", "Ritually Slaughtered for Satan", "Feeding Flesh to the Vortex", "Committed to Hell" and "Forcinating the Nazarene" as examples, have everything to do with chaos, Satan and death which can be read easily according to the song titles already. CENTURIAN are said to having a rather respectable following in the worldwide underground metal scene, so that must feel nice for them. It must be great to know that some jackasses really are into your shit - no matter if you may have heard the same type of shit for like thousands of millions of billions of zillions times before already. That´s the problem I´m having with these Dutch relentless Belsebub - worshippers. They effortlessly mix IMMOLATION with DEICIDE with MORBID ANGEL with HATE ETERNAL and expect probably everyone to fall in love with their "ripping(?)" Death Metal havoc, but that´s just a bit too hazardous if you dare to ask from me.  I guarantee there´s enough an expert in me with this aggressive and violent shit already that I have guts to say CENTURIAN doesn´t do much for me, unfortunately!! Even if they have been able to create somewhat merciless, malignant and hammering stuff for "Liber Zar Zax", it just ain´t enough this time around. This album simply doesn´t stand out a bit and that´s why is ´bout to fall into oblivion in no time. No one´s gonna remember after 5 years that they even did this album ever, although you never know that for sure; I may be totally wrong as well. If a generic brutal Death Metal shit is something that pleases you well enough, maybe you should check this out then; if not, well... skip it and don´t feel any sorry by doing so!!


Death8699.com / USA
Centurian - Liber Zar Zax 

I read a review on a web 'zine that gave this band a 10/10. They also said that this band would sieze the throne of death metal vacated by Morbid Angel and make themselves King. Since Rellik is waging war to become king, I had to check this band out. First off I've only listened to half of this cd. The purpose of this review is to warn you. It has been my opinion that was once a band gets some notice and some high reviews that other people start to agree. So, I'm warning you that this is not 10/10 material and that, in fact, Centvrian will be crushed by the Mighty Clash of Giants. This band reminds me of so many others right now. Most specifically this band sounds alot like Hate. Their style reminds me of Diabolic and some Morbid Angel. The voclas sound like Krisiun circa "Apocalyptic Revelation". The drumming is fast, and he pulls this power-blast shit. For example he'll be blasting through vocals, then the vocals drop out and the drummer unleashes all his power into five seconds of LOUD blasting. It's pretty cool. Theres two lead guitarists in this band so theres twice as much shitty soloing. Over all, this is good shit, what I think it really lacks is good break downs. You know that slow shuit that makes you bang your head. Crushing riffs that make you want to crush skulls. That is what this cd lacks,but again, I'm warning you DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS 10/10 SHIT! Do not believe that Centvrian will seize the throne of death metal. Right now Nile is on the tip of the iceberg, heading further north with full force. Reinforcements our on the way. Nile will truly concquer, crush and destroy all who stand in their way. Rate: I give this cd, thus far, 7/10. 

By Mike Coniglio


www.Anus.com / USA

CENTURIAN has created another cosmic masterpiece of black metal in its most twisted form. "Liber ZarZax" tells of the Book of Power of the Tenth Aethyr called Zax. With titles like "Ritually Slaughtered for Satan", "Speech of the Serpent" and "Commited to Hell" you know that CENTURIAN is out to reek havoc on your soul. The end result is total blasphemy with psychotic musical patterns and demonic vocals. Satan never sounded so good pressed on cd!


Agonia War 'zine / Poland

CENTURIAN "Liber Zar Zax"
Listenable Records

The Dutch Deamons are back here with new spell of agressive darkness dimensions. Obscure Demonic Death Metal fits best as a description for those guys who can use their instruments to spell everyone and everything everywhere around. Moreover, instruments they handle while playing are like weapons programmed to kill with satisfaction and pleasure. Pure wildness. I think some Brazilians playing also in such genre could learn something listening to CENTURIAN. It is good the old land has a few bands such as CENTURIAN who are ready to flow dark powers into metal audience.



Tombstone webzine / Greece

CENTURIAN - Liber Zar Zax

The Dutch death metal underground legends are trying to take the band one step further with their new album and they are trying to do it, through the only way they know. Playing old school death metal, remaining faithful to their roots and their fans and being honest with their fans and above all else with themselves. Although the band has a new vocalist / bass player and a new guitar player little has changed in their sound. Little has changed in their lyrical concepts as well. They still write and sing about chaos, Satan and such stuff, remaining faithful into yet another part. Unfortunately another thing in which they remained faithful is the underground production, which would be tolerable for the standards of the underground, but not sufficient enough for the standards of a normal distribution. The album is not bad and will appeal to fans of the band, but on the other hand I don't really know if it will help them to make this next step. Probably with a better production things would be better for them.



Hard N Heavy / France

CENTURIAN - Liber Zar Zax

Ces Hollandais avaient d’une certaine maničre mis les choses au point dčs leur premičre sortie, un mini CD intitulé Of Purest Fire, en incluant une reprise de « Blasphemy ». Intronisée référence absolue, Morbid Angel et sa vision trčs personnelle et complexe du métal-de-la-mort devenait ainsi le but ŕ atteindre pour Centurian. Mais si certains comme Diabolic ou Dementor ont choisit la voie la plus directe de la copie pure et simple et si toute la frange Brésilienne (Abhorrence, Raebelliun et bien sűr Krisiun) s’est emparée d’un album précis (Altars Of Madness) comme base avant d’extrapoler ŕ sa façon, Centurian réussit lui le grand écart entre les deux. Et ici c’est techniquement qu’ils font la différence, un cran supplémentaire ayant été franchit par rapport ŕ ses concurrents. Avec ce deuxičme album, ce quatuor a une façon assez incroyable de faire virevolter ces riffs au bords de la dissonance, donnant presque l’impression d’ętre harmoniquement ŕ côté, avant de les faire retomber sur leurs pattes au bon moment comme si rien n’était. Dommage que la production peu inspirée ait tendance ŕ noyer trop le tout dans un brouhaha, minimisant ainsi un album au gros potentiel, ŕ la fois musicalement complexe et ultra-brutal et au contexte textuel occulte trčs fouillé.

Olivier BADIN


CENTURIAN - Liber Zar Zax

New label to rule the Centurian ship, but more important – new bassist/vocalist Jerry Brouwer to direct the blasphemies into the world, who is initiated through this record to the public for the first time. Mind you, earlier they have been working with separate vocalist and bass player. So significant changes do not affect the music on this endeavour, neither the progress that relentless creators have achieved since their acceptable debut album. Indeed I hear the band moving along their own direction, however painful it is in dark extreme death metal genre. Generally it is hardly possible to invent something new (well, this statement does not suit only Nile I presume) at all, even for creative outfit. But I do not hear so evident hints of Deicide anymore, met on their previous release. New level of creativity is achieved thanks to yet intensified performance, and that means writing process as well. Drummer Wim has additional pleasure to add in vigour department, but overall it turned out great and was worth the sacrifice that rehearsals must have been looking like. Here lays the main difference from the first cd. Couple last of Deicide albums massively lose in extremity level against this. I know it is not always for the better, but not in case of Dutch maniacs. Liber Zar Zax firmly combines technical data of performers with raw approach, where deeply rooted in satanism concept yet intensifies the lethal atmosphere. This is not for the new kids on the block, but for those with advanced knowledge of extreme music.

It is absolutely exciting to learn that brutal sounds are not dying in Netherlands. Pestilence have ceased, Asphyx have followed them, let alone Gorefest… But here we go with new bands (well, not so much new, but which certainly keep growing) and it is no pain to check them to realize I am talking the truth here! Hail Dutch brutality!



Suburbia Magazine / Italy

Liber Zar Zax

Inanzitutto non fatevi ingannare dal titolo (in effetti abbastanza ridicolo), i Centurian non sono un gruppetto cubano dedito al merenghe, bensě una mostruosa macchina death/brutal che di solare e “positivo” ha davvero ben poco. A parte ogni giudizio di merito sul genere proposto che rispetto al passato non rientra certo nei miei gusti attuali, questi inferociti olandesi al loro debutto su Listenable, hanno sfornato un disco davvero incredibile per coerenza ed efferatezza, due requisiti fondamentali per chi si cimenta nel campo di mostri sacri come Deicide, Morbid Angel e compagnia bella.

Durante tutti i 45 minuti della sua durata , l’album non lascia un solo attimo di respiro (a parte l’intermezzo rallentato di “Feeding flesh to the vortex”, non a caso posta esattamente a metŕ del lavoro): ogni song esplode come una bomba carta tra le mani, con riff iperveloci, batteria senza soluzione di continuitŕ e classica voce gutturale che spesso mi ha ricordato, specie nell’uso del doppio screaming, i succitati Deicide dei tempi migliori. Č difficile sinceramente trovare parole per dire di piů su un disco di questo tipo: semplicemente č perfetto per quello che deve dare, cattivo quanto basta e sufficientemente ben registrato e suonato per far sě che l’annichilimento dell’ascoltatore sia ottenuto con successo.

Ripeto, alla lunga a me annoia, ma devo dire che il livello di violenza sonora che si sprigiona dai solchi del cd, grazie anche alla volutamente non celata attitudine satanica del gruppo, č di quelli meritevoli di essere esperiti.
Insomma, io forse non faccio molto testo al momento, ma sono certo che per gli amanti del genere in questione “Liber Zar Zax” potrebbe essere una felice scoperta.



Darkscene magazine / Austria

Centurian - Liber Zar Zax 
(Listenable Records)

Die Holländer CENTURIAN melden sich mit ihrem 2. Longplayer "Liber Zar Zax" zurück. Die 1997 gegründete Band veröffentlichte ihre neue Scheibe bei Listenable Records, nachdem ihre beiden alten; die MCD und die erste CD; bei Full Moon erschienen sind. "Liber Zar Zax" wurde im Frank Kitchen Studio aufgenommen, wo schon GOD DETHRONED spielten. Das Artwork wurde von Jacek erledigt, der auch schon für Bands wie Vader, Decapitated usw. die Feder schwang. Bei CENTURIAN ging es ziemlich schnell: Jänner 1997 gegründet, im Mai schon die ersten Auftritte, Ende 97 die erste Promo, die 1998 als MCD wiederveröffentlicht wurde. Dann folgte 1999 die erste Scheibe "Choronzonic Chaos Gods". CENTURIAN spielen aggressiven, schnellen Death Metal. Sie werden von Bands wie Morbid Angel, Krisiun oder etwa Deicide beeinflusst. Die Songs strotzen vor Geknüppel und Fingerverrenkungen. Von ihren 11 Liedern gibt es nur einen langsamen Song, der auf den Namen "Feeding Flesh To The Vortex" hört, und knapp 2:40 Minuten dauert. Die 4 Holländer zeigen ihre Professionalität und tourten schon mit Größen wie Marduk, God Dethroned, Sinister, Krisiun, usw. Ihr Label "Listenable Records" wählten sie, da Full Moon sie nicht so stark unterstützen konnte, wie es Listenable kann, wo unter anderem ABORTED, ABHORRENCE, SOILWORK, DERANGED usw. unter Vertrag sind. Sie werden auch kräftig von dem französischen Label in Sachen Promotion und Touren unterstützt, was ihnen nur zugute kommt. Mit "Liber ZarZax" legen CENTURIAN ein gutes Album hin, dass wirklich brutal rüberkommt und alle Gehörgänge freibläst.
4/5  (www.darkscene.at)


www.Pitfather.com / Holland

CENTURIAN - "Liber ZarZax"
Listenable Records

With to new members (Jerry Brouwer on bass/vocals and Oskar van Paradijs on guitar) Centurian is back with the first release on listenable records. I missed the first releases of Centurian of my lack of money, but I saw the guys play live a couple months ago. They kick ass! You can't denial that the Morbid Angel influences are present on this album. Just listen to the guitar solo's. Personally, I like the old Morbid Angel more than the new one. Maybe that's the reason that I like this album so much. Centurian plays on full speed with a couple of slow parts ('Feeding Flesh To The Vortex') on Liber Zax Zax just like the first Morbid Angel ones. Okay, enough about Morbid Angel because now it looks that Centurian is some kind off copy band. That's not true at all. I think they can put themselves in the Death Metal top in Europe (Vader, Deranged, etc) with the Liber Zax Zax album. Pounding drums, heavy guitars and a very aggressive way of making songs. Absolutely one of the best Dutch Satanic Death Metal releases this year.

4,5/5  (Henkes@dolfijn.nl)


The Metal Observer / Germany

CENTURIAN - "Liber ZarZax"

For all you Death-junkies out there we have new fodder! The Dutch always had been known for good Death Metal, if I only think of PESTILENCE or GOREFEST... At least as good as the Swedish fraction and the Florida-belchers! And CENTURIAN really can follow their footsteps. Rather reminding me of MORBID ANGEL or DEICIDE their sound straight from hell comes over in a quality that the two mentioned bands already have lost a long time ago. 45 minutes of best Death Metal, fast, precise, deadly and intense. You won't find a song like "Ritually Slaughtered For Satan" every day, great thrashing! Or let's take "Conjuration For Choronzon", a super-fast breaker that is going straight for your throat and contains some really mean riffs. Evil! The instrumental "Feeding Flesh To The Vortex" loosens up the whole thing, viscous like lava this steam-roller is oozing out of your speakers. Okay, not all songs can keep this level, but you won't find a filler here! A good investment for all fans of heavy Death Metal! Definitively heavy stuff and nothing for whimps! I for my part have to soothe my ears with a RUSH-hour, if you understand...

8/10 (www.metal-observer.de


OOR / Holland

CENTURIAN - "Liber ZarZax"

Hoe lang zal het nog duren, voordat Nederland aan het hoofd staat van de mondiale metalbeweging? Gezien het grote aantal belanghebbende albums dat de afgelopen periode het licht zag (Severe Torture, God Dethroned, Mangled), is ´t slechts een kwestie van geduld. En het blijft maar doorgaan. Dit maal is het beurt aan Centurian en Salacious Gods. Centurian vindt met Liber Zar Zax aansluiting bij het death metalgeweld van de Amerikaanse lichting bands, waarbij Dying Fetus als belangrijkste component dient. Dankzij de stem van Jerry Brouwer en het soleerwerk van Rob Oorthuis en Oskar van Paradijs is ook enige gelijkenis met Morbid Angel op z´n plaats. Toch hebben de heren genoeg in huis om serieus mee te tellen. Wel had het geluid wat scherper gekund

Wouter Dielesen/Oor



CENTURIAN (Holanda) "Liber Zar Zax" (CD 2001)
 Listenable Records

Los holandeses CENTURIAN dejan patente y claro que con este "Liber Zar Zax" se colocarán a la cabeza del death metal de este país y que ahora estando en Listenable conseguirán lo que no pudieron hacer cuando se encontraban en Full Moon Productions, que no es otra cosa que conquistar el mercado europeo. A diferencia de "Choronzonic Chaos Gods", "Liber Zar Zax" es un álbum mucho más personal y trabajado, las influencias de bandas como MORBID ANGEL o los DEICIDE, se han difuminado bastante y la banda está consiguiendo un sonido mucho más personal, basado en aceleradas y cortantes descargas de guitarra que te atraviesan una y otra vez como cuchillos, además de que nos deleitan con ritmos muy técnicos que muestran su calidad musical.. el bateria es rapidísimo y la mezcla de voces (brutal y chillona) queda bastante original y guapa... otra cosa que me ha llamado bastante la atención es la llamativa portada (realizada por Jacek (VADER, DECAPITATED), con un dibujo y juego de colores que te avisa de lo que te vas a encontrar en el interior, un infierno sonoro que te transportará a las profundidades del mismisimo infierno. Ya sabes si lo tuyo es el death metal propio de grupos como DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, VADER, HATE ETERNAL... mejor es que pilles este cd y te prepares para el apocalipsis...

PUNCTUACIÓN: ................................... 9'25/10 (Review por David Deniz


Centurian - Liber ZarZax

Well, this cd just seems to run together. the voxs are good but nothing original. Boring and rather stagnant. Every song sounds the same and I am not impressed. Standard death metal, period. I would rather spend my time down at the local nursing home blaring this to kill the ol' folk.

4 Impalements


Voices From The Darkside / Germany

Liber Zar Zax
(Listenable Records)

First things first: the line-up change didn't hurt Dutch CENTURIAN at all and newly recruited bassplayer / vocalist Jerry Brouwer and guitarist Oskar van Paradijs replace former members, vocalist Seth Van de Loo and bassist Patrick Boley (who both will concentrate on their main band SEVERE TORTURE from now on) perfectly. The line-up actually got stronger because of the fact that CENTURIAN have two guitar players in their ranks now, which will probably result in a more tight sounding live appearance. On the other hand, they haven't changed too much musically. It's still very much DEICIDE / MORBID ANGEL inspired brutal US style Death Metal, with a lyrical concept that deals with chaos, Satan and death. Even though it's an ok sounding record, the production still doesn't completely convince me as I suppose there's a lot more possible when it comes to this style of music (just listen to the ABHORRENCE debut). So, apart from a highly improved coverart after all, no real surprises, just another solid and welldone offering from one of Hollands leading Death Metal units, which at least comes across a lot more inspired sounding than DEICIDE's quite lame new album.

Frank Stöver

Orion Magazine / Italy

"Liber Zar Zax"
11 tks - 46 min

Da non confondere con gli italianissimi Centurion, gruppo in forza alla Scarlet Records, i Centurian sono una buonissima band olandese dedita ad uno dei piů truci ed infami generi musicali, ovvero il death metal, quello vero, quello crudo. Non č cambiato molto dai tempi del debutto "Of Purest Fire", la musica proposta non č stata alterata di una virgola, e quindi ascoltare "Liber Zar Zax" č come buttarsi a capofitto in un vortice di violenza e malignitŕ, conferita anche dall'attitudine piuttosto satanica del gruppo. In termini musicali il terzo lavoro dei Centurian puň collocarsi come un buon mix tra le sonoritŕ dei Deicide di "Legion" (anche per l'uso del doppio scream, come fu allora in "Satan Spawn the Caco-Demon") ed i vecchi ma indimenticati Nembrionic Hammerdeath, gruppo di assoluto valore che pubblicava quasi 10 anni fa i propri lavori per Foundation 2000. La line up, completamente stravolta in questo lavoro grazie ai numerosi nuovi ingressi, regge assolutamente la prova mettendosi in luce per la buona coesione e per la precisione della sezione ritmica, purtroppo leggermente penalizzata nella produzione da un basso quasi assente ed in una batteria dal suono troppo "cartonato". Nonostante questo, i Centurian dimostrano ampiamente il loro valore e non potranno che soddisfare tutti gli amanti del death metal piů efferato ed incontaminato!

Gianluca Grazioli 4/6


Whiplash Rock Magazine / Chech Republik

Liber Zar Zax
(Listenable Records / M.A.B. Records)

Jedenáctipísňově agresivní kolekce Liber Zar Zax jest věrohodným odznakem návratu čtyř holandských bohů satanistického death metalu říkající si CENTURIAN mezi všechny ty, kteří zuřivou muziku produkují a ty, jenž se jí bezmezně oddávají.  A je to setsakramentsky těžká váha, to jejich druhé album, to vám tedy řeknu hned.  Neskutečně terorizujícím způsobem riffující kytara Oskara van Paradijse je jakoby smluvně spřáhnutá s nespoutaným a naprosto bezcitným peklem nátlučného aparátu Wima van der Valka, do náramnosti posléze onu muziku kompletuje  temný a brutální zpěv Jerryho Brouwera (jinak i baskytara) spolu s pravověrně démonickými kytarovými sóly Roba Oorthuise.  Neúnavně zběsilé tempo, kytarové vyhrávky, sjezdy a výjezdy, rytmické ataky, prakticky neměnný pěvecký projev, takové je dílo, ona rána uštědřená lidskosti,  od počátku do konce. Zběsilost, zuřivost, agrese, živelnost, takové je rovněž, avšak právě ona statická neměnnost, rozvláčně valivá instrumentální skladba Feeding Flesh To The Vortex budiž však nejmarkantnější výjimkou,  má za následek, že jakmile se počin přelije zhruba do své druhé poloviny, dochází k určitému splývání materiálu. To však nic neubírá ze skutečnosti, že tihle zlostníci jsou Satanovou legií chaosu a smrti, jež pod názvem Liber Zar Zax chladnokrevně sepsala knihu glorifikující konec světa. Apokalyptickou zkázu, masožravou a pořád hladovou. Tohle je válka nervů rozpoutaná na bázi nervového paralyzování   ďáblem a těmito dalšími jeho dětmi v lidské podobě, zlo ve své nejkrystaličtější substanci.  Cítím velký žár, to temní poslové smrti kráčí sem. Je třeba jim bez váhání vyjít v ústrety. S nimi krví zpečetěná smlouva o přátelství nemusí být vůbec na závadu, ačkoliv pro lidstvo nevěstí CENTURIAN nic dobrého.  Další z plodů z letošní  bohaté sklizně  vcelku chutné podzemnice death metalné.  Na americkém žánrově vyhraněném a proslulém Milwaukee festu už podepsali. 

Vratislav Šantroch


Babylon Magazine / Italy

CENTVRIAN "Liber Zar Zax"
(Listenable Records)

The Death Metal Gods Centvrian are back at least, with a new line-up, a new deal with Listenable Records (three albums!!!) and a praiseworthy work. Jerry Brouwer (vocals/bass) and Oskar Van Paradijs (guitar) joined the two mad guys Wim Van Der Valk and Rob Oorthuis. The sonic wall they managed to create is undoubtesly firm and heavy. The only release that could bear the comparison with this sound was Abhorrence's debut album, i.e. Evoking The Abomination". A violent (but this word doesn't fit the truth) riffing, a fast and precise drumming and dark and brutal vocals get along with the concept laying behind "Liber Zar Zax". It's a cryptic title and I can only try to explain something about it. "Liber Zar Zax" means "of the tenth Aethyr". According to the Enochian System of Magick the "tenth Aethyr", called Zax, is the magic kingdom where Choronzon (a demonic creature) lives. Furthermore Zax is the non-dimensional sphere of Chaos, which could be compared to Hell. All new lyrics are linked to this topic, and the music is a proper soundtrack. A really heavy, dark and speed Death/Brutal album. Can you handle this? Well, watch out, 'cause the army of Chaos was evoked, so..get ready!!!

Response: 7,5 (Marco aquino)



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