Studio Report "Liber ZarZax" Recordings


At Franky's Recording Studio

Although ninety-five percent of the guitar and drum parts were ready upon entering the studio, most of the bass lines still had to be invented on the spot. In the three months before the recording, priority was given to the lyrics and vocals. Here Jerry (left) and Rob are figuring out some of the details.


Meanwhile Wim is changing into his working outfit. The drums were the first to be recorded.


Sound checking. Rob fine-tuning his Line 6 amp. Together with the drums a guitar guide-track was recorded. Final guitar tracks will be added later on.


Under the ever watchful eyes and ears of jerry, the first notes of 'Liber ZarZax' start to materialize. Not visible here is the heating radiator Wim brought with him, to emphasize his discomfort with studio temperatures.


This guy is awesome!


"Are we through yet?..." No, do it one more time !!!! (at this point, my comments were like: "I'm getting to old for this shit")


And off again. In two days, Wim would sacrifice 20 pounds of body mass to the recording of the drum tracks. Those Who Receive were very pleased.


The maestro at work. Rob conjuring up some very foul demon spirits. Is that really a sock wrapped around the neck of his guitar?!!


Rehearsal. Oskar wearing his fave 'Buffy' T-shirt for good luck.


Call of duty. Originally a guitar player, Jerry switched to bass guitar when he joined Centurian.


Can the new guy pull it off? Rob and Wim look very pleased with their new front man.


Oskar trying to make sense of it all.


Whoa!...was that a bear?!


Most of the backing vocals on 'Liber ZarZax' were done by Oskar and Rob.


Oskar makes himself useful recording some of the bass parts. How pleasantly Jerry will be surprised when he wakes up again!


Wim looking mighty pleased that the job is done, Rob still has his doubts !!!


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