Thanks for visiting my personal website. Most of you know me, but here's a short introduction anyway. I am Wim van der Valk, from Putten, Holland. I've been playing drums in Death/Thrash and Death Metal bands for about 15 years. The most well known are Inquisitor and Centurian, with whom I made 4 CDs and a couple of demo tapes, but I also played drums in Desultory, Judgement Day and I played drums in Occult during their shows at the "Sons of Northern Darkness" tour as support for Immortal and Marduk. With Inquisitor and Centurian I played gigs all over Europe, and with Centurian I played at the well known Milwaukee Metal Fest in 1999 and toured with Vader in Ireland, Schotland and the U.K. in 2002.

    I made this site 'cause during my time in Centurian I got lots of questions asked about my other bands. Two of the bands, Desultory and Inquisitor never had a website and it's about time their names got spread across the web, especially now the Inquisitor CD "Walpurgis-Sabbath of Lust" will be re-released very soon. My first bands have also been a learning process for me and they are in some way responsible for the style I played at my latest and best CD; Centurian's "Liber ZarZax", so they deserve the attention.

    Was "Liber ZarZax" my last release ??? Problably yes. After Centurian recently broke-up, I got some offers to play drums in some international and well known bands, but I turned them down. I don't think I can give 200% support to a band anymore because of my busy personal live. But maybe I will return in local bands or play in some projects...................time will tell. Watch this site for latest developements.

    Though the ending of my career hasn't been in very good terms with some Centurian members, I can say that I've been playing with the best musicians the Death Metal scene had to offer. The Bass-players of Inquisitor (Alex Bakker) and Centurian (Patrick Boley) are still the best ones playing the four string axes. The same goes for the Guitar-players (Erik Sprooten, former Inquisitor and now Ancient Rites and Centurian's Rob Oorthuis and Oskar van Paradijs) as well as the Vocalists (Seth van de Loo and Jerry Brouwer, both former Centurian). Playing with the best makes you push your limits to higher levels and that turned out fucking great, I think.

    O.K. that's all for now, enjoy the site inspite that it's not ready yet. A few remarks: The site will be up-dated at least every month but mostly weekly, so it's worth checking it out every once in a while. I still find interesting things at the web as well as in magazines and I will place it at this site.  Recently I found out that the latest Centurian CD "Liber ZarZax" is released in Brazil, which got me new reviews and lots of mail. The work continues...............

If you want to leave a message use the Centurian Guestbook or mail me.

See you Laterrrrrrr                   Wim van der Valk    


Last up-dates: Feb. 07 - '03  - Time-line added with stuf that's happened the last 15 years.
                                           - Lot's of reviews added to the review pages at the Centurian section. 
                       Feb. 20 - '03  - Added the Inquisitor section with lots of information. Reviews follow soon.


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