At this time-line you see what has happened to me and to the bands I've played in at the last 15 years. I also added some important moments for me, like great releases and grazy things that happened. If you know any facts stories about Desultory, Inquisitor, Judgement Day or Centurian that I forgot, please mail it to me at thanks.


1988 Bought my first Drumkit.

Raise my first band together with Erik Sprooten on Guitar (later Inquisitor and Ancient Rites) and Alex Bakker on Bass-guitar (later Desultory and Inquisitor). The Band had no name, made no professional recordings and is only playing in rehearselrooms and local bars. However, their cooperation seems the beginning of lots of metal bands in our area.

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1989 With Johan Wesdijk on Guitar and Vocals (later also Pleurisy)) and Jeroen "Ratje" on Bass-guitar, I formed Desultory.  Desultory is heavily influenced by German Thrash bands as Sodom and Kreator. Especially Johan's voice was very special and made Desultory sounding very aggressive. 

First Desultory live appearances in the Harderwijk area.

Almost broke my back at a Nuclear Assault gig in Groningen, Holland

Rebuilt my drumkit with an iron cage. 

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1990 With Desultory I  record my first demo-tape, called "Religious Extermination" at Stage Power Studio, Ermelo, Holland.  The demo consists of 5 tracks of chaotic Thrash/Death Metal.  At that time we thought the sound was fucking great ha hahahaha. 

Desultory played as support act for Asphyx in return for my Sadus LP.

With Desultory we played support act for Paradise Lost and Asphyx in Hardenberg, NL. We got thrown from the stage for being to drunk to play. Some guys needed to destroy some things, Police were waiting for me when I got home. I remember Theo Loomans (R.I.P / Asphyx) empty a whole case of Russian Wodka.

Alex Bakker joins Desultory to make us sound more proffesional. He was the best bass-player around but played guitar in Desultory.

Got into a very strange car accident towards a Carcass / Deadhead show. Somehow no damage and no people hurt.

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1991 Desultory's second demo-tape, called "Luminious Assassination" was recorded at Beaufort studio, NL.  The new guitar player Alex Bakker delivered some great solo's with makes the recording the best Desultory ever did. We got some great reviews, and did a serie of good gigs around Holland.

With Desultory we did our first abroad show together with Sinister in Aue, Germany. An eight hour drive towards a half hour show. Show went well. Sinister guitar player Ron broke a string and played the gig at a fucked up guitar from Manos, the opening act from Germany.

Two songs from the second Desultory demo appear on a 7" split-EP with Can’t Deny from the UK., on Sicktone Records/Cyber Music, Holland. 

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1992 Together with Desultory member Alex Bakker (now on his Bass again), I join Erik Sprooten (guitar) and Alex Wesdijk (at Vocals and brother of Desultory member Johan Wesdijk) to form a new band. The first name was Desiderious, but we changed it into Inquisitor after a few weeks.  In the first weeks guitar player Bart Jansen (later Kill City Rebel and others) also played along but he got thrown for being too serious and proffesional ha hahaha.

Things went very fast for Inquisitor, and we record our first demo-tape "Blasphemous Accusations"at Beaufort Studio, NL, within half a year. A friend of mine, Peter van Dijk painted a great cover. Peter is well known for his airbrush art in the biker world.

Great reviews about the demotape came in after I send out lots of promo copies.  See reviews page.

Inquisitor played many shows in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

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1993 I made my second drum-kit with a cage from 2" iron pipes. At that time it looked great, but taken it to venues costs me a lot of sweat, that fucking thing was extremely heavy, over 100 kgs.

Inquisitor plays big show at "Aaltjesdag festival" Harderwijk, NL in front of over a thousand freaks. Inquisitor released great T-shirt at the festival, which got sold-out in almost one day. Some parents of T-shirt buyers ban the shirt ha hahahaha for being to blasphemous.

Local churches try to stop Inquisitor shows. They fail !!!

Inquisitor plays more and more headline shows all over Europe.

Some record labels show interest in Inquisitor.

Inquisitor record second demo-tape: "Your Pain Will Be Exquisite", again at Beaufort Studio, NL by Han Swagerman (Sr). A has a great cover by Misja Baas, who also designed the T-shirt.

After an Inquisitor gig in Belgium with Vibrion (Arg.) we end up in a deep ditch near the road together with the whole band,  backline and my car as well. We all get out alive, some drunks members in the back didn't even notice it ???

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I play a show on drums for Occult. The show took place at the "Melkweg" in Amsterdam, as support for Altar. I didn't rehearse one time with the band. We played some Occult songs but mostly covers from Sathanas, Slayer and others.

I play drums for Occult during their shows at the "Sons of Northern Darkness tour" as support for Marduk and Immortal. I even had to wear corpsepaint some shows, because of some strong booze I didn't complaint ha hahaha.

Inquisitor signs deal with Shiver Records, Belgium, what we later on regreat very much. Shiver don't promote their bands at all and didn't ever heard about tour support or anything like that.

Alex Bakker leaves Inquisitor. He wants to play in different styles.

Hans Pos joines Inquisitor to play Bass-guitar.

Inquisitor record "Walpurgis – Sabbath Of Lust" CD at RS19 studio, waalwijk, NL with producer Oskar Holleman (Vengeance, Krezip) I recorded some backline vocals.

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1995 Inquisitor plays shows all over Europe. Erik Sprooten plays Guitar for Ancient Rites on their tour with Behemoth. Next to Erik, also the Pentacle guitarplayer plays the tour. Ancient Rites never sounded that good !!!

Next to Inquisitor, I start playing drums in Judgement Day. I played their songs twice as fast, but they liked it let my go my way. New songs got built up to my speed he hehehehehe.

I played a couple of gigs with Judgement Day accross Holland to get used to them.

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1996 More gigs with Inquisitor and Judgement Day. With Inquisitor we headlined a festival in the woods near Trier in Germany.

Alex Wesdijk got thrown out of Inquisitor because of his drugs habbits. We can't take him abroad anymore because of that and has to leave.

Erik Sprooten leaves Inquisitor to play with Ancient Rites.

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1997 Rob Oorthuis joines me to play guitar in Inquisitor. Within a month we change Inquisitor’s name into Centurian to make a brand new start. Hans Pos got thrown out for the being the most un-interesting Bass-player ever.

I made my own 22" deep Bass-drums which look like big canons.

Seth van de Loo joines Centurian on vocals. Seth normally plays drums for Severe Torture but has great vioce also. After a night of jamming and drinking he was accepted immediatly.

With Judgement Day, I play some shows in Chech Republic, of which one at the Nuclear Storm festival. Also a gig in Germany as support for Krisiun.

Judgement Day record 7" EP, whci got releases a few years later. The originally label went bankrupt.

First Centurian shows, still without a bass player. At some shows I first play for Centurian and later for Judgement Day. Damend that was exhausting !!!

Rehearselroom owner got killed in a car accident while problably listening to Inquisitor’s "Walpurgis - Sabbath of Lust" CD.

Centurian record "Of Purest Fire" with Vincent Dijkers at Q.S.A. studio, Utrecht, Holland. We recorded heavy guitarparts instead of basslines.

Centurian release "Of Purest Fire" demo-tape. I send out over 100 copies to contacts around the world.

Centurian release "Of Purest Fire" promo-CD to get labels interested. 

Empty a bootle of Vodka with Fredrik Andersson of Marduk, which makes me so fucking drunk that I end up almost killed at the middle of a highway in Rotterdam.

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1998 Centurian got offered many deals worldwide.

Centurian signs deal with US label "Full Moon Productions" from Florida.

Full Moon Productions releases "Of Purest Fire" mini-CD 'cause we didn't want to wait till we had a full lenght CD ready. First pressing of CDs is sold out in a matter of days.

Got the "Hell At Last" image tattoed on my chest.

The first Centurian T-shirts: "Of Purest Fire" and "Hell At Last" are selling exceptional good.

Patrick Boley joines Centurian to play bass and plays first gig within two weeks. The gig, in the famous Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Holland as support for God Dethroned was sold out and went absolutely great.

More Centurian gigs with Desaster, Marduk, Sinister and many others.

Empty a bottle of scotch at my house together with Pete Helmcamp of Angelcorpse. 

Full Moon Productions release Dubble CD "A Tribute to Hell - Satanic Rites" With Centurian track "Off Purest Fire"

We played a show at the Dutch Death Metal Night, with Altar, Pentacle, Sinister, Ancient Rites and athers.

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1999 Centurian record the "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" CD in the Q.S.A. studio, Utrecht, Holland again with Vincent Dijkers. Things went very well, but after a months we understood we'd better recorded in a different studio. Vincent's recording studio is good enough for demotapes and liverecordings but for CD recordings it isn't.

I got the "Of Purest Fire" image tattoed on my left arm.

Again we played a gig at the Dynamo in Eindhoven, this time as support for Krisiun. Both gigs were fucking great, Max from Krisiun wanted to buy my drumkit !!!

Famous bands as Morbid Angel, Krisiun, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, Angel Corpse and many others play their gigs in Centurian T-shirts. The name is growing and growing !!!

Full Moon Productions arranged a gig for Centurian at the Milwaukee Metal fest, in Wisconsin, USA. They gave us tickets and took care of some great promotion for it. We stayed in the US for almost a week and had a very good time, met hundreds of great people and made contacts for gigs, tours and releases. The gig itself went fucking grreat. The hall was packed with people who all went creazy when we started with our "Evoking Demonstorm" introtape. We had only 30 minutes but made loads of new fans. After Centurian Krisiun and Nile hit the same stage. At the way back home we had to wait 5 hours because of the Airforce one, almost crashed with the plane; had two bombtreads and at last my car went into flames but it was all fucking worth it.

At some agazines the Centurian show at the Milwaukee Metal fest was mentioned in the best 3 of the whole festival.

Centurian CD "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" released by Full Moon Productions. Unfortunately a few months after our USA show.

An "Of Purest Fire" tape-version released by Dark Angel Records, under license from Full Moon Productions.

I stoped playing in Judgement Day. Not only needed Judgement Day a member that was available all the time, I also needed more time for Centurian. So the split was best for both bands. Judgement Day found a new drummer in some months and are doing great ever since.

New Centurian T-shirts: "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" & "Chaos is the Way". Both Blood colored on black shirts.

Dwell Records release Morbid Angel tribute CD with "Blasphemy" track from "Of Purest Fire" mini-CD without knowledge of Centurian. 

Marduk more then once invited Centurian to play as support on a tour but unfortunately nothing happened because of lack of support from their label.

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2000 Centurian ended their contract with Full Moon Productions. Full Moon Productions did some great things for us, like the releases of "Of Purest fire" and "Choronzonic Chaos gods" but they had there limitations. They could give us tour support and also fucked up a few times. After they released a whole pressing of Choronzonic CDs with a big scrath and msde many typmismatches on the lyrics which are so important for Centurian we decided to move on.

Centurian signs contract with Listenable records from France.

Judgement Day 7" EP finally released by Damnation Records. Yep, these are the recordings we made back in 1997. 

Owner of rehearselroom hangs himself to Death.

Centurian starts rehearsing at a big hall at my work. Sound is fucking awesome and people can hear it miles away.

Seth and Patrick are kicked ‘gently’ out of Centurian because of there limited time they could spent with Centurian. There band Severe Torture is doing great.

I got asked by one of the well known dutch bands to play drums. I decide to concentrate on Centurian inspite of the line-up problems.

I created the website.

I got married

Rob and I write most songs for the up-coming Centurian CD.

Because of the noise we can’t rehearse at the hall anymore.

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2001 Jerry Brouwer (Vocals and Bass) and Oskar van Paradijs (Guitar) join Centurian.

We got a new rehearselroom in the Amsterdam area. I wonder what will happen to the owner in the next few months.

My wife gave birth to my son Glenn

Centurian starts recording the next CD at Franky’s Recording Kitchen. We had a good budget and took over 3 months to get everything ready. The sound is the best we had sofar and so are the recordings.

After half a year Centurian starts playing gigs with new members, which turned out very good. Gigs continue all over Europe and live reviews are better then ever before.

Jacek wisniewsky draws cover for new Centurian CD. He also does most Vader covers.

New Centurian CD "Liber ZarZax" released by Listenable Records.

Listenable send out over 800 promo CDs and Great reviews are coming in from all over the world

Centurian record Morbid Angel track "Blasphemy" again at Voodoo Sound, IJmuiden, Holland by Paul van Rijswijk (guitar player Hammerhawk) for Comp. CD at Hellspawn records.

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2002 Centurian CD "Liber ZarZax" released by Olympic Recordings in the US.

Centurian mini-tour through Poland got cancelled only four days before because of some bad arrangements. 

Israely label wants to re-record Inquisitor CD "Walpurgis-Sabbath of Lust" with unreleased live tracks and demo songs. Also with new cover, pictures and artwork.

Listenable records makes new shirts with "Liber ZarZax" print.

Together with Vader and Dew-Scent, Centurian tours Ireland, U.K. and Schotland to promote "Liber ZarZax".

German label releases "Liber ZarZax Lp version, result is disastrous !!! See band statement at the Centurian site.

Many festivals show interest in Centurian to play gigs at their open-air stages. Festivals in Holland, Poland, Germany and Sweden got confirmed for the summer.

Centurian suddenly breaks up after a fight at a gig. Everything ends and all shows got cancelled.

I got offers to play in some good bands, but decide not too. After Centurian I will not start in a new band again, maybe I play in some projects or help others out but for me it's Centurian or nothing else.

Hellspawn Records release Morbid Angel tribute CD with Centurian track.

Got in contact again with former Inquisitor members Erik, Alex and Alex.

Centurian CD "Liber ZarZax" released by Encore Recordsfor the in Brazilian fans.

After many fanmail and letters I decide to continue my work on the website to promote Centurian and my other bands as well. Reviews are still coming in and will be placed at the website.

Recently did some interviews again to promote Centurian's last "Liber ZarZax" CD.

Inquisitor CD will problably re-released soon.

The story will continue...................

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