Source: Willoughby, V., Bye-bye valve float: desmodromic conversion kit for Velocete Venom, Viper and MSS developed by Ilford (Essex) dealers, The Motor Cycle, july 1962, blz. 96-98. Picture of BMG Desmosetup (Top of page left) was made by Dennis Quinlan. He wrote me (19-03-2007): The Australian Velocette Owners club has a dis-used kit that is somewhat damaged & the Club’s technical officer, Norm Trigg has it & fitted it into a cut-a-way Velo engine that you can turn over by a hand crank & so watch the operation of the mechanism. Norm brought it up to the 2003 Nat. Aust. Velo Rally at Jindabyne in NSW that I organised & I remembered I took a series of photos.
For sale (august 2001): 1967 Velocette Thruxton Desmo conversion, 500cc, Bonneville and AMA record holder, extensive race history and memorabilia included. Price $16000,= at Britalia Motors. Euro 18,000,= is too much I can afford. When somebody buys this bike please contact me. I'm especially interested in the desmo-conversion kit.
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picture1 of the model
picture2 of the model
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