Gravity 1

Well,My first Heavyweight robot built by myself and noone else... I started building this robot about 3 weeks before filming of DRW series 2... Yes I know, a little late, but that's because I didn't have all the parts yet. I'll try to find some more info and pictures of the build, but for now just some pictures of my first fight ever with this robot, during the filming of Dutch Robotwars Series 2 in England :) Robot was working almost perfect, only thing that didn't work was the valve to fire the flipper... I used a normal hydraulic valve, and worked fine when testing @ 20 bar... But at full pressure in the uk arena it just didn't work. Or simply just opened, and didn't close. Ah well, see for your self :


I'll try to find some pictures of the building of Gravity 1... Though I doubt there will be any, who has any time to make foto's when U have to build a heavyweight in 3 weeks, next to building 1 part of a 3-way clusterbot !!! (look at the first or second foto in gallery, to see the remainings of that...)