Gravity 3

I'll start with the basic specs of Gravity 3 : Drive; 2x bosch GPA750 ran at 36 volt, driving a 10" competition go-cart wheel through a 20:1 dual stage gearbox. weapon; full pressure Co2 flipper, fed simultaniously by 2 1/2" burkert valves, which are fed by 2 2litre fullpressure buffertanks, and bungee return. Speedcontrollers are from mythras (dutch engineer), with the current limit set to 75 amps @ 36 volts. I use a multiplex 2010 transmitter, and a futaba dual conversion 8 channel receiver.

Ok guys, You've read the story, Gravity 2 worked pretty good, but pretty good is not good enough for me. So, enter Gravity 3 ! Hmm, where to start... I liked the front end of Gravity 2 , so that's the only thing I kept. Just angle grinded everything else off. I tilted the gearboxes to make more room in the back for electronics and the Co2 bottles. Because the last flipper arm bent, I had to make a new one. The new one is made from 2 lengths of 60x30x3mm mild steel, the scoop is 5 mm mild steel. The hinge is made from a thickwalled tube and 2 m24 bolts, very basic but it works.

Empty again

still empty

Insert 1 ram

nice strong hinge

front view

Filling up the frame, putting the internals in their place and see if it fits. Why not measure it you say ? Cause I'm not that kind of builder... As you can see in the second pic, the main buffertank (blue) didn't really fit. So I angle-grinded a piece out of the frame, et voilá ! It fits ! Next up was the wheel protection. Also very basic, weld a few lenghts of box section around the wheels, weld some stainless steel on the back, bolt some polycarbonate on the side and that's done too. I didn't even know it was stainless by the way, I just went to my local scrappy, found a few sheets that suited my purpose and welded them on :)


filling her up

front view

welding front

wheel protection

WeldSame here, bolt polycarb on it, weld the nose full (that's really spinner proof, with triangle sections of 4,5 mm mild and stainless steel), fit the parts in, bolt them, done ! and boy, does it look good ! It works now, and ready to fight... but wait a minute, I have still 3 days left before I go to England ! Never had this before, normally I don't even sleep the night before the wars, just because I have to finish my robot...

fitting the armour

4mm polycarb!


other side

hmmm, nice !

Ok, might as well give it a proper paint job then ! I had a red nissan pullsar, and now own a black nissan pulsar (GTiR, 280BHP and 4WD !) so that's why my robot is black and red ! The chrome paint is the worst paint I ever saw, but it looks pretty nice. Took the opportunity to glue and decouple my bosches too.


I had a red car

and a black car :)

decoupled bosch

glued magnets

Good, robot is finished, ony the ropes and bungees for retracting the flipper arm and I'm done ! So, went to England, got through my qualifyers, and was placed in heat D ! I'll make a complete description of our funny trip to England on my next 'not so busy'day at work.

fitting bungees

and tethers

is gonna bend


and its ready !

Almost forgot, why not put the video's of the qualifiers up ! here they are :

qualifier part 1 qualifier part 2